Little West Launches ‘Clean Label’ CBD-Infused Cold-Pressed Juice

LOS ANGELES— In 2013, Cassandra and Andrew Walker opened Clover, a 200-square foot shop providing great tasting and unparalleled quality cold-pressed juice, located in Hollywood. Over the years a community grew, inclusive of everyone, with an objective to promote health and wellness into all aspects of life. After five years of carefully cultivating a diverse and thoughtful company, a brand refresh materialized, and Clover became Little West – a name tantamount with fellowship, quality products, transparency, trust, advancement, and approachability.

Demonstrating innovative and restorative solutions, Little West launches the first ever ‘clean label’ CBD-infused beverage with no added sweeteners; each under 100 calories. The line is cold-pressed juice elevated with nano-emulsified CBD (0% THC), which means the body absorbs it quickly, helping to relieve stress, reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, and regulate pain, mood, sleep, memory, and appetite. Each cold-pressed juice is non-GMO and free of any allergens, pesticides, heavy metals, and Mycotoxin.

The initial ‘Little West CBD’ line will include four flavors, Liquid Gold (pineapple, Fuji apple, lemon, mint, H2O), Emerald Gold (green apple, kale, mint, lemon, H2O), Rose Gold (watermelon, strawberry, lemon, dragon fruit, rose water, H2O), and Morning High (Valencia oranges). As true with all juices offered by Little West, ingredients are picked by local farmers, cold-pressed, and bottled, all within 48 hours to guarantee utmost freshness and vital nutrients in each sip. This process also helps ensure that each juice, with or without CBD, aids in fighting infection and weight loss, reducing high cholesterol, preventing ulcers, lowering inflammation, treating high blood pressure, and preventing liver disease.

All four of the Little West CBD juices, as well as six of the original cold-pressed juices (non-CBD), are available for purchase online. Additionally, Little West can be found prominently throughout Los Angeles at hotels including: Proper Hotel, Ace Hotel, Palihotel, Sunset Marquis; offices such as Beats Electronics, J. J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, NeueHouse and WeWork; on grocery store aisles at Bristol Farms, Gelson’s Markets and Lassens; fast-casual dining, coffee shops and restaurants alike including Intelligentsia, Greenleaf, Groundwork, Guerilla Tacos, M Café, Philz Coffee, Salt’s Cure, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and The Larder at Maple; fitness and wellness centers, THE WALL, Urban Exhale Yoga, Next Health Century City, and all Modo Yoga LA locations; and because it’s Los Angeles, at craft services on hit TV sound stages and sets, including NBC’s “This Is Us” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and FXX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”