Wanu Water Announces Strategic Partnership with LiDestri Food and Drink

LOS ANGELES— Wanu water, the nutrient-infused water packed with 24% of your daily fiber intake, providing natural energy to boost your metabolism and quench your appetite, has announced a new strategic partnership with LiDestri Food and Drink, the premier private label and contract manufacturer of food, beverages and spirits. The partnership marks a long-term venture between wanu and LiDestri with the shared interest in building enterprise value.

Stemming from a strong 2018 with continued expansion and growth at retail for the enhanced-water brand, the partnership with LiDestri aligns with wanu’s commitment to brand innovation. Looking beyond the traditional co-packing relationship, the partnership will also include R&D, innovation, food science, warehousing and more.

LiDestri offers an approach unlike their competitors that is based on the four P’s of innovation: product, processing, packaging and partnership. With this approach, LiDestri embraces the constant change in the market and stays ahead of the curve by always having a pulse on innovation in the industry. With wanu’s continued commitment to the company’s core mission and brand innovation, the partnership with LiDestri was a natural alignment with mutual goals at the core of the relationship.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with LiDestri as we continue to grow the wanu brand in the enhanced water category,” said Todd O’Gara, founder, president and chairman. “The partnership was a natural fit for both with the mutual goals of educating our consumers on the importance of healthy hydration, as well as building brand awareness and innovation in the beverage industry.”

“We have been following wanu’s market growth in recent years and strongly believe the enhanced water segment is seeking a brand that offers the health benefits of nutrient-infused water,” said Stefani LiDestri, co-president and CMO for LiDestri Food and Drink. “The LiDestri team looks forward to working as a partner with wanu to accelerate future growth.”

The first production of wanu with LiDestri will begin in Q4 of this year at their Pennsauken, New Jersey plant location. The seamless partnership goes beyond the traditional co-packer agreement and with this new relationship, both valued partners will share in cost savings of the product.

wanu’s current portfolio includes five flavors: Blueberry Lemonade, Dark Cherry, Kiwi Cucumber, Watermelon Raspberry and Passion Peach.

For more information about wanu, including retail locations and to purchase online, visit wanuwater.com.

About wanu

wanu, a Los Angeles-based nutrient-infused water brand, is packed with 10 essential nutrients that provide natural energy and boost your metabolism, including 24% of your daily fiber to quench your appetite while you hydrate. With clean hydration, wanu is better than water and makes drinking your daily dose of water easy. Each serving is packed with B vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, with zero sugar or artificial sweeteners. wanu delivers the nutrients the body needs to make the most of your day. For more information visit wanuwater.com or @wanulife.

About LiDestri Food & Drink

LiDestri Food and Drink is a premier private label and contract manufacturer of food, beverages and spirits, producing several million products per day in modern manufacturing facilities in three cities: headquarters Rochester, N.Y.; Fresno, Calif.; and Pennsauken, N.J. The 44-year-old company is family-owned and run by CEO Giovanni LiDestri and his children Stefani LiDestri and John C. LiDestri, who serve as co-presidents. LiDestri’s core competencies include producing aseptically filled, hot-filled, cold-filled, and retorted products for branded retail and food service customers.