Brew Dr. Kombucha Launches Third Flavor in Ginger Trio

ANAHEIM, Calif.— Expanding on their current ginger offerings, Brew Dr. Kombucha has rounded out a trio of ginger-centric flavors with varying levels of spice to offer something for everyone. Each flavor pairs ginger with different complementary ingredients.

Ginger Turmeric is the spiciest with a heavy hit of ginger juice combined with turmeric and Indian long pepper. Next comes Ginger Lemon, which combines the zing of ginger with citrusy lemon for a fresh ginger-centric flavor with a medium kick. Last but not least, Wildberry Ginger employs a more modest ginger level paired with a burst of berries for those who prefer things on the juicier side.

“Ginger is a longtime favorite ingredient among health-conscious individuals. We’ve loved working with ginger in our teahouses for the past 15 years, and know some folks love a spicy ginger heat, while others want to walk on the mild side. Our recent ginger-focused creations provide something that will appeal to every palate,” comments Matt Thomas, Founder and CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha.

Look for all three flavors in 14 oz. bottles nationwide and come sample the flavors at Brew Dr.’s booth #N1817 in the north hall at Expo West!

About Brew Dr. Kombucha

Brew Dr. Kombucha stands apart as a kombucha company steeped in tea heritage. In 2006, Matt Thomas started Brew Dr. Tea Company (formerly named Townshend’s Tea) which offers organic loose-leaf tea of the highest quality in a casual teahouse setting. In 2008, he began brewing organic kombucha in the teahouse kitchens, giving it the name Brew Dr. Kombucha. From leaf to bottle, the company takes inspiration from their custom tea blends, making deliciously refreshing authentic kombucha with a difference you can taste.

Brew Dr.’s mission is to help people discover how good tea and kombucha can be, referring not only to its quality approach, but to the company’s commitment to its communities, its people, and the planet. Brew Dr. Kombucha is proud to be the first national kombucha company to become both carbon neutral and a certified B-corporation.