Elevator Talk: Sofee Adopts Gypsy Brewing Model for Carbonated Cold Brew Coffee Line

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Chad Hazen, founder of Sofee, is focused on developing refreshing beverages, but his approach is not that ordinary. Hazen combines the two popular categories of cold brew coffee and soft drinks to create a curious offering that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream consumer yet, but he’s ok with that. To create the product Hazen is leveraging his relationships with breweries across the U.S. to employ the “gypsy brewing model” common in the beer industry. Hazen describes his target market as people looking for something other than the status quo, while also recognizing the opportunity to win over consumers looking for a soda replacement or natural energy drink. Sofee recently landed Gelson’s as its first major retail account with plans to expand into more stores. Hazen is open to working with a strategic partner that is agile enough to understand his company’s gypsy brewing model.

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