Japanese Tea Brand Juroku Cha Launches in U.S.

Torrance, Calif. — Asahi Soft Drink Ltd, a subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings which is a global alcoholic, beverage and food business group, is thrilled to announce the U.S. availability of its top selling beverage in Asia, Juroku Cha, a traditional Japanese grain and botanical tea made up of 16 all-natural ingredients. Unsweetened and naturally free of caffeine and gluten, Juroku Cha is one of the most popular ready-to-drink teas in Japan, and is now available for purchase on Amazon and at most Asian grocers and specialty retailers nationwide.

“Juroku” meaning sixteen and “Cha” meaning tea, this traditional Japanese beverage is acclaimed for its authenticity and unique toasted flavor. Packed with all-natural ingredients, Juroku Cha is brewed with a variety of healthy grains and botanicals including guava leaves, shiitake mushrooms, jujube, and kelp, along with ancient grains. Each of the 16 carefully selected ingredients are individually roasted to create an uplifting one of a kind taste.

“We’re excited to introduce Juroku Cha to American consumers as an all-natural beverage option that is ideal to stay refreshed and hydrated while also convenient for grab-and-go,” said Mr. Yoshikazu Nammoto, President of Calpis Beverage USA Inc, a wholly owned US subsidiary of Asahi Soft Drink Ltd. “In Asia, Juroku Cha is enjoyed by all ages day or night since its free of sugar and caffeine, and its unique nutty taste pairs well with most foods. We’re hoping our U.S. customers will also appreciate the 16 natural ingredients, each chosen for their health and nutritional properties.”

Juroku Cha was inspired by the ancient Chinese tea-making process of blending various grains and botanicals to maintain a healthy and balanced body. Juroku Cha achieves this harmonious effect with the perfect balance of its 16 ingredients creating a beverage that is ultimately designed to improve moods and boost spirits.

Nammoto continued, “Juroku Cha is a beloved drink and household staple in Japan, and we are confident that the appreciation for an all-natural beverage as unique as ours will transcend continents.”

About Juroku-Cha

“Juroku” means sixteen. “Cha” means tea. Simple enough? Say hello to Juroku Cha, one of the best-selling unsweetened, caffeine-free teas in Japan. Blended with 16 different all-natural grains and botanicals, Juroku Cha is carefully selected and individually roasted to create a unique and uplifting flavor you’ve never tasted before. For more information on Juroku-Cha, visit https://www.jurokucha-usa.com/.

About Asahi Group Holdings

The origins of Asahi Group Holdings (“Asahi Group”) date back to 1889 and since then Asahi Group has developed itself into becoming one of the leading global alcoholic, beverage and food business groups. Asahi products range from carbonated beverage like Mitsuya, with more than 130 years of heritage, to its famous Asahi beer that has consistently been one of the best-selling beers in Japan. The Asahi Group is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. Juroku Cha is released by Calpis Beverage USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings.

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