Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha Launches Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Platform 

COTTONWOOD, Ariz.— In a time when health and wellness has become evidently important to our daily rituals and regimens, the better-for-you beverage, WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha, announces their official E-Commerce platform roll out for the first week of June. The new direct to consumer platform comes at a time where Americans are consuming the majority of their food and beverage via at home delivery, and WILD TONIC® aims to ensure their innovative Jun Kombucha is widely available.

Their new slim can packaging varieties will be available for direct purchase at wildtonic.com/store. Traditional Non-Alcoholic Jun Kombucha will be available for nationwide shipping, and the higher ABV, 5.6% Hard  Kombucha line will initially be available for Ecomm purchase in Arizona only.

This unprecedented time has led to a larger demand for at-home delivery of consumer goods and an increase in consumption of food & beverage. The popular Kombucha brand is responding to this increased product demand, by the official launch of Ecomm to their consumer and fan base.

The direct to consumer pricing overview includes Traditional Non-alc Jun Kombucha 12/12oz cans for $29.99, Hard 5.6% ABV Kombucha 8/12oz cans for $29.99 and 16/12oz cans for $55.00. Non-alc is available to ship nationwide, Hard 5.6% ABV only available to direct ship in Arizona per state regulations.

“We are doing this for the consumer. It’s imperative that they know that we want everyone to be safe, and get our health conscious product in their hands. We are not sitting back during this pandemic and waiting for it to end… we want to make sure that everyone knows that we are here to provide our product to our loyal consumers in an efficient way, and are evolving our business model to adapt to the current climate and new times ahead. While retail will still continue to roll out, we want to be considerate of those consumers maintaining home quarantine and unable to go to stores.” – Holly Lyman, Owner & Founder

In addition to E-Commerce, WILD TONIC® is currently available on Instacart and Amazon, Favor, PostMates, Uber Eats, Holiday Wine Cellar, and many other retailers and beverage delivery services around the country.  Distributed in 45 states, Wild Tonic can be found in natural health food stores, major retail chains, and exclusive restaurants and resorts.

The WILD TONIC® story begins with an artist and her passion for innovation and creativity. Painter, Holly Lyman, worked with beeswax, an ancient medium known as encaustic, for many years until she discovered the art of fermentation. One day, her love of painting with beeswax transformed into working with honey, another labor of love created by the bees. As with many creative endeavors that sometimes spill into other forms of expression, Holly unexpectedly found herself fascinated with a rare ferment known as Jun. She brewed with this living culture day after day until several years and brew experiments later, WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha was born!

Jun is a cousin of traditional Kombucha. It is crafted primarily with honey instead of cane sugar which produces a refreshing, delicate result, absent of a ‘vinegar’ bite common in traditional Kombucha. The initial brew of sustainably sourced tea and honey along with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is infused with organic fruits, herbs and botanicals to create the signature smooth taste. Wild Tonic contains prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids and antioxidants, without any artificial flavorings or sulfites.

For more information about Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha please visit wildtonic.com and follow them on instagram @DrinkWildTonic