Yesway Expands its CBD Beverage Set with Four New Brands

Yesway is making a big statement in the CBD space by adding four new brands with 14 new SKUs in Packaged Beverage. The innovative convenience store chain now has the largest assortment of CBD beverages in the convenience store industry. The new brands being introduced are KILL CLIFF, DEFY, Weller and CBD Living Sparkling Water.

As health and wellness items become increasingly important to today’s consumers, Yesway continues to pursue the most innovative, emerging products in the space. These four brands each offer unique health benefits in recognizable products that help bring CBD to consumers in underserved markets.

DEFY is the world’s first mainstream CBD performance beverage built for athletes. DEFY’s proprietary formula makes it the only CBD-infused beverage with 0% THC on the market. It allows users to reap the muscle recovery and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, without any chance of psychoactive side effects or negative career ramifications.

KILL CLIFF CBD is a hemp-infused recovery drink that delivers hydration, replenishment and the functional benefits of CBD. The ground-breaking formula includes the highest quality hemp infusion available, along with B vitamins, electrolytes, green tea caffeine and plant extracts. Each 12 ounce can provides 25 milligrams of CBD.

Additionally, Yesway is introducing CBD-infused sparkling water from both Weller and CBD Living. Weller CBD Sparkling Water contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, along with zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugar. CBD Living Sparkling Water combines 100% organic CBD extract with vitamins and minerals for added health and immunity benefits.

“DEFY fills a unique gap in today’s beverage market, and we are thrilled to be adding our lineup of sports performance beverages to Yesway’s great lineup of food and beverage options,” said Megan Bushell, COO of DEFY.

“This move represents a bold step by Yesway into the greater wellness space. The functionality and simplicity of the CBD beverage category will hopefully act as a springboard for further growth,” said John Simmons, Co-Founder of Weller. Megan Jensen, Weller’s VP of Sales, further added “We are fortunate to have Yesway as a partner, and we’re looking forward to the future. All the chosen brands have great synergy with each other and represent different categories within the CBD beverage space. Yesway is truly creating a destination for the consumer.”

“CBD is yet another example of Yesway’s continued dedication to introducing health and wellness products to our customers,” said Alan Adato, Merchandising and Procurement Manager, Yesway.  “Further, it is important to our social commitment to bringing health and wellness items, in a meaningful way, to areas that do not have easy access to these products.”

Yesway is currently the nation’s leading retailer when it comes to the scope of its CBD offerings, which now include supplements, topicals, shots, confectionery, smoking and non-smoking, and packaged beverages with top brands.

Companies interested in item placement, or for more information on this topic, please contact Yesway’s CBD category partner, Dorsey Sparks, President of BettermentRS, at 515-635-1322 or

About BettermentRS

BettermentRS is a health and wellness company based in West Des Moines, Iowa. The company is laser-focused on providing clients with thoughtful sourcing and distribution of top-tier and emerging brands. As our corporate name implies, we employ a rigorous, multi-disciplinary vetting process to identify brands meant to Be Better. This aspect of our business model separates us from the rest. We play the role of a brand incubator that can provide fast-tracking of emerging brands to market by offering a complete portfolio of services to both suppliers and retailers, including comprehensive brand management and logistics solutions. To enhance our value to our clients, we offer education and training on-site at their facilities, as well as online. We are committed to the highest standards in ethics, quality, service, and operation to benefit the communities we serve. We service over 500 locations in 8 states. Our clients include large national chains, regional retailers/distributors, and many specialty and nutrition retailers.

About Yesway

BW Gas & Convenience Retail, LLC d/b/a Yesway is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Yesway is currently ranked #2 in year-over-year relative store growth on the Convenience Store News “2020 Top 20 Growth Chains” list, after being ranked #1 on the “2019 Top 20 Growth Chains” list, is ranked #17 on the “CSP Top 202 Chains” list by total portfolio size, was named a “2017 Chain to Watch” by Convenience Store Decisions, was awarded a Bronze for Loyalty & Advocacy in the 2018 Loyalty360 Customer Experience Awards, and its CEO has been named a “CSP 2020 Power 20 Deal Maker.” Yesway’s swiftly expanding portfolio currently consists of 402 stores located in Texas, New Mexico, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, including most recently, the 304-store Allsup’s Convenience Store chain.  Yesway plans to grow its portfolio to over 500 convenience stores in selected regions of the United States over the next several years.