AF Life Sciences Announces Strategic Brand Partnership With Global Cannabis Advocate, Cheech Marin

DENVER, Colo. — AF Life Sciences (AF) announced a Strategic Manufacturing, Marketing, and Global Distribution Partnership with Cheech Marin, the multi-generational actor, writer, comedian, and pioneer cannabis advocate who came to fame in the comedy and movie scenes in the 1970s.

AF has entered into an agreement to produce and distribute “Cheech’s Stash” CBD products, as well as a new line of Kombucha utilizing his likeness. The product line features AF’s premium CBD line of relief topicals, tinctures promoting focus and rest, relaxing bath salts, and more. Cheech’s Kombucha will feature palette-pleasing flavors infused with nutraceutical-grade CBD. Coast to Coast distribution is already established and set to expand exponentially.

Cheech’s Stash is a family-run business that focuses on both consistency of quality and ingredient integrity, and products integrated with hemp are no exception!

“We are very pleased to collaborate with AF Life Sciences, as we took our time to find the right company that would meet our standards of quality. We appreciate their dedication to excellence as well as their experience in the CBD and beverage market, and their commitment to maintaining a high standard of product quality as an industry leader,” stated Cheech Marin, Founder, Cheech’s Stash.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected by Cheech and his team. AF’s focus is to produce Cheech’s line of infused products using only ingredients known to provide the highest level of efficacy,” stated Cliff Henley, CEO.

“Cheech has been entertaining the masses since the 1970s, and remains prominent today and going forward due to his philanthropic causes and activism. We are very proud to be a part of his ongoing mission and legacy,” stated Troy Daniels, President, and COO.

About Cheech Marin and Cheech’s Stash

Cheech Marin is an actor, writer, and pioneering cannabis advocate who first came to fame as half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong during the 1970s. Cheech is well known as a long-time proponent of hemp and cannabis and a great believer in the healing properties of this magical plant. After Cheech’s first knee replacement he used opioids for pain control. After a second knee replacement, he chose to use CBD and cannabis for pain management, confirming his belief in the range of healing and pain-relieving properties that the plant can offer. By using a regimen of Cannabis and Hemp-derived CBD he was able to forego the prescribed opioids and make a full recovery. Cheech is committed to developing Cheech’s Stash CBD, a line of hemp-derived products aimed to reduce pain, inflammation and help facilitate deep relaxation. Cheech, along with his children, has built a brand that focuses on both consistency of quality and product integrity, and the hemp products are no exception! All Cheech products are made of the finest quality and are always pesticide-free and third-party tested.

About AF Life Sciences

AF Life Sciences is a manufacturer of finished goods in the Life Sciences industry specifically focused on health and wellness, both existing symptom-based, as well as prevention and maintenance. AF provides end-user products of the highest quality and efficacy in the industry. Improving the quality of life and living through applied sciences is at the core of who we are and what we do. From beverages with a purpose, topical solutions from head to toe, and tinctures that truly deliver desired results, AF Life Sciences provides true science-based solutions for the outside in, as well as the inside out.