BevNET & NOSH June Events: Virtually Live, Pitch Competitions, Boot Camp

We know it’s not wise to look too far into the future, but we can tell you this:

Get ready for June.

That’s because BevNET and NOSH are cooking up a virtual feast of brand-building content and suspense, including BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live, our signature New Beverage Showdown and NOSH Pitch Slam, and a Boot Camp for new brands that encompasses both Food and Beverage startups.

June 1 – 8: Boot Camp For Food & Beverage

Each day we’ll drop lessons on fundraising, formulation and operations, branding and marketing, and sales and distribution strategies. All those lessons will culminate on June 8 with a live panel, networking sessions, and expert round tables.

June 15 + 17: New Beverage Showdown 21

Next up: New Beverage Showdown 21, which brings a cadre of exciting new brands in front of two sets of expert judging panels to determine the most innovative and exciting beverage of the moment. Past winners include Health Ade, Poppi, Rise and more, but all participants get important feedback and exposure that push them to the front of the trade.

The New Beverage Showdown, sponsored by VEB, will take place on June 15 and 17. New brands can apply to participate.

June 22 + 23: BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live

June 22 and 23 will find attendees at BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live on our exclusive event platform. We’re so close to being together again — let’s join for original, inspiring, high-impact content that can help make your businesses stronger as we all prepare for a second half of the year that promises excitement. Food and Beverage companies and founders have evolved significantly since the spring of 2020; let’s learn how to harness that evolution as we re-enter the wider world. Registration is now open for BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live.

June 28 + 30: NOSH Pitch Slam 10

Finally, emerging Food brands will get the chance to strut their stuff during the NOSH Pitch Slam, taking place on June 28 and 30. Once again throwing the spotlight on the best of the new, brands will have the chance to demonstrate their marketplace innovation before a panel of experienced retailers, investors, distributors and other experts.

Sponsored by 301 INC., Pitch Slam 10 invites emerging food brands to apply to participate.

These events are open to subscribers to BevNET and NOSH. We can’t wait to meet again in the Winter, in person — let’s put in the work now so that we’re feeling good when that time comes to join together again.