Genius Juice Rebrands for Bigger Markets, Expands Nationally in Club, Conventional and Natural

Genius Juice is driving enormous expansion nationally with their line of plant-based organic coconut smoothies and their new plant-based protein smoothie line.

Their latest string of launches includes Costco Hawaii, Costco Texas, and soon will be launching in Costco Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and North Atlantic (select stores in each region).

In addition, the CEO, Alex Bayer, recently announced on LinkedIn their national launch in Sprouts with their core coconut smoothie product and brand-new plant-based protein smoothie line including the Chocolate Protein Smoothie and Vanilla Protein Smoothie with added adaptogens and mushrooms including lion’s mane, maca, and reishi for added functionality and mental/physical boost.  The Protein Smoothie line is exclusively in Sprouts nationally until August 2021.

Genius Juice is also making a play into the conventional channel with Albertson’s, launching in 2 new regions: Seattle and Southwest with all 3 core smoothie SKUs (Original, Mocha, and Vanilla Cinnamon).  This brings their total store count nearing 5,000 stores total.

“We are now entering more heavily into the plant-based smoothie space versus being pigeon-holed as just a coconut drink, Bayer says, “We still blend the whole coconut, the coconut meat and coconut water in each and every bottle, but we are much more than just a coconut drink or an improvement on coconut water.  This also helps us avoid being coined as a beverage in the coconut water hydration set since we have so much more value for the consumer.”

To boot with their national expansion, Genius Juice also re-branded and upgraded their identity to appeal to a wider audience. “We felt that being branded solely as a whole coconut smoothie didn’t do justice to the premium-ness and uniqueness of our product.  By now targeting a larger consumer demographic beyond just coconut lovers, we can now get consumers that are looking for a healthier, lower sugar, cleaner, plant-based functional smoothie.  We don’t add any ‘dumb stuff’ such as gums/emulsifiers, natural flavors, added cane sugar, or stevia,” Bayer says.

“The biggest objective we had with the re-branding is to capture a larger audience of consumers who love plant-based healthy, clean options, and also to show how premium our product it.  Our older packaging looked cartoony and didn’t reflect the high-quality nature of our product, and I feel this re-brand does enormous justice to what’s inside the bottle.”

“We also stack up very well against any plant-based juice/smoothie beverages out there with clean ingredients, no junk added, while tasting creamy and decadent at the same time,” Bayer said.

There will be more launches to come in mid-late 2021 to continue Genius Juice’s expansion in the plant-based functional set.