GT’s SYNERGY Shows Real Guts In Campaign Advocating For Gut And Immune Health

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — GT’s SYNERGY raw kombucha, the #1 and world-famous kombucha brand, enters 2021 with health on the brain (and second brain) to share a New Year’s campaign that prioritizes gut health and immune-boosting benefits from the inside out, Health Starts Inside. The Health Starts Inside campaign guides fans to look inward during this formation of health & wellness resolutions in the new year, starting with the gut. Ginger-forward SYNERGY flavors – Gingerberry, Trilogy, and the best-selling kombucha flavor, Gingerade – take center stage to demonstrate that a healthy gut is just a sip away.

For over 25 years, GT’s has pioneered the health & wellness sector, and 2021 is no exception. Unlike any other ad campaign the brand has created, GT’s latest campaign features real guts of real people: its very own GT’s Family workforce. Those featured span departments like finance, operations, marketing, human resources, IT, and of course a special appearance from the founder and CEO of GT’s Living Foods, GT Dave. Purposefully, the ad showcases a variety of mid-sections to symbolize that health is felt, and more pointedly, gut health starts internally and radiates externally when supported by healthy choices.

“At GT’s we practice what we preach. Health starts inside, so what better way is there than to share this campaign with help from our GT’s family!” says GT. “I’ve always surrounded myself with people who believe in the mission of the company and have a passion for the products. It means even more to me to have them join me as we get vulnerable and bare our guts together to spread this very important health message in the New Year.”

GT continues, “The foundation of any health & wellness journey is what someone fuels their body and immunity with. Health Starts Inside aims to have people focus on consuming more nutritious, probiotic-rich foods like SYNERGY raw kombucha, along with other living and fermented offerings, so they can turn their New Year aspirations into life-long habits.”

Gingerade, Gingerberry and Trilogy all have a common ingredient in the healing ginger root. Ginger is a powerful, immune-boosting agent sourced from Mother Nature and helps the gut fight off inflammation in the body. Each bottle of GT’s SYNERGY offers living probiotics, active enzymes, and organic acids to purposefully take care of overall well-being, improving digestion, supporting immunity, nurturing vitality, reducing inflammation, managing weight loss, and more.

Fans and followers, new and old, can use the store locator on GT’s website to find specific retailers that carry Gingerade, Gingerberry, and Trilogy, while select regions can also order for home delivery via the e-commerce shop.

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About GT’s Living Foods:

We believe that Mother Nature is the World’s greatest healer. Since 1995, GT’s Living Foods has revolutionized how people think and feel about Kombucha and fermented foods in the Western World. From the womb, founder GT Dave was raised vegetarian and taught that food can be medicine. He and the company continue to uphold that philosophy with always pure, potent and plant-derived fermented offerings produced in their most authentic form, never compromised. The fiercely independent, family-owned and operated company is available in over 55,000 retailers across North America and Europe. Today and beyond, GT’s Living Foods’ driving purpose is to spread a global message that food can be medicine and through proper nutrition one can heal thyself. For more information, please visit

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