Hellowater Alkaline Launches at Daytona Speedway


CHICAGO, Ill. – Hello Beverages LLC, the manufacturer of hellowater announced today the launch of hellowater alkaline. This new product adds to the brand portfolio which continues their mission to “INSPIRE. HEALTH.” ‘The Water That Works’ brand looks to continue delivering wellness benefits in digestive health and now keeping consumers balanced and hydrated.

Co-founders Tom Bushkie and Rusty Jones created a brand from a conversation happening in social media. Finding the one thing consumers know to go back to when wanting to feel healthy again: hellowater. The launch of hellowater alkaline is not an innovation to the water category but it is something hellowater’s fans have been asking for consistently.

“If we have learned anything from listening to Ken Sadowsky throughout the years, it’s that you should listen to your customer,” Jones said. “We’ve been focused on pioneering the fiber infused water category with tremendous growth, but a non-flavored alkaline water was something we kept getting requests for from our loyal community. Tom and I have a vision of being a total beverage brand and this was the perfect next step. It also helps that we have a new partner in JR Motorsports that we will be hydrating the race teams with hellowater alkaline throughout the season. Look for hellowater alkaline in at Daytona Speedway this weekend.”

“The high pH water market continues to grow as consumers learn more about high pH waters, attracting a broader market, which now will include the NASCAR community,” Bushkie said. “We wanted to appeal to this new set of consumers, while still staying true to the brand, science and appeal that is beloved by so many health-conscious consumers.”

The alkaline packaging is a test for future brand positioning as hellowater evolves and grows into multiple beverage categories.

Hellowater maintains its healthy growth and continues to widen its distribution. hellowater is currently available in thousands of retailers across the USA with new products being launched on hellowater.com

About hellowater

Hello Beverages LLC, born in Chicago, IL., is a manufacturer of enhanced functional waters. The company was co-founded in 2016 by beverage industry veterans and innovators Tom Bushkie and Rusty Jones. hellowater® includes three functional varieties, each designed to to deliver quality wellness benefits in digestive health, immune defense, and pH balance. hellwoater® was born with the mission to INSPIRE. HEALTH. It meets the needs of people with active lifestyles who are looking to make good choices that will positively impact their health. For more information about hellwoater®, visit www.hellowater.com