Zolt Expands Online and Retail Distribution Across New Channels


NEW YORK, N.Y. — Zolt, the modern wellness brand behind the next generation line of plant-powered superdrinks, announced today its expanded distribution in Harmon and Bed Bath & Beyond. Shoppers can now find Zolt in nearly 300 stores nationwide, as well as online. These new retail partnerships come at a time when health-conscious consumers are looking to feel and perform better with ease, great taste, and convenience.

Harmon and Bed Bath & Beyond will carry a signature selection of botanical-based mixie stick formulations for focus, balance, immunity, and sleep. Zolt harnesses the potential of plant terpene botanicals — powerful bioactives for human health — and systematizes their use through a simple, on-the-go portfolio of plant-powered drink mixes tailored to core functional areas of health. Each formulation comes in a 10-pack at a suggested retail of $25 or in a 30-pack at a suggested retail of $69.

“By expanding our footprint from being completely digital to being readily available in stores, we are taking a big step in making Zolt’s functional benefits accessible to millions across the country,” said Ani Collum, Co-Founder, and CMO of Zolt. “It’s our goal to make Zolt widely available as a delicious and simple resource for improving everyone’s mental and physical performance.”

Zolt aims to expand its retail presence and wholesale growth in the upcoming months and is invested in product development to expand its portfolio of collagen products and introduce new flavors and formulations.

About Zolt

Zolt superdrinks are powered by plants and optimized for efficacy. Each formulation of adaptogens, antioxidants, and terpene botanicals, is tailored to key areas of human function like sleep, immunity, energy, balance, and overall cognitive performance. Zolt currently offers performance blend mixie sticks that can go with you anywhere, so it’s easier to feel your best no matter what your day throws at you. In addition to its core terpene botanical-based formulas, the brand also offers consumers functional drink mix formulations of CBD and full-spectrum hemp.

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