June 2 - 3, 2015
New York, NY
BEVNET LIVE SUMMER 2015: JUNE 2 + 3, 2015, NYC
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BevNET Live: Unified Grocers EVP Susan Klug on Drinks and Supermarkets

BevNET is is honored to announce that Susan Klug, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Unified Grocers, will be joining the BevNET Live event in New York on June 2 and 3 to discuss the relationship between entrepreneurial beverage brands and the supermarket world.


Ms. Klug’s background and current position leave her uniquely qualified to speak about how current retailing trends dovetail with the aims of beverage marketers, as her purview extends from those neighborhood, “up and down the street” markets to large, full-service, high-end supermarkets like Haggen, Gelson’s and Bristol Farms. She will discuss best practices for suppliers and provide advice on ways new brands can get in and stay in. She will also address co-op buying — how brands can develop flexible approaches that can work across the many types of stores within their footprint, as well as how the right formula of retail locations can translate into chain store placement and broader growth.

From her perspective as the first woman president of the Western Association of Food Chains, Ms. Klug will also be discussing the changing nature of grocery in the U.S. — trends that are guiding store assortments and structure and the ways that beverage companies can capitalize on them.

Ms. Klug will also be a judge in BevNET’s New Product Showdown.

BevNET Live New York will take place at the Metropolitan West at 639 W. 46th Street in Manhattan.

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About Susan Klug:

One of the most respected voices in grocery in the U.S., Ms. Klug has worked with retailers like Vons, Supervalu, and Albertsons, where she was president for Southern California. She has also held executive positions with retail information supplier Catalina Marketing, developing network expansion programs for CPG sales teams. In her current position she is in charge of marketing for the largest retailer-owned wholesale grocery cooperative in the Western United States, comprising stores like Raley’s, Haggen, Gelson’s Markets and Superior Grocers, as well as stores ranging in size from neighborhood markets to small chains. Unified Grocers supplies more than 75,000 SKUs in its wholesale system, including specialty, organic, premium and functional beverages and foods.

About BevNET Live:

The BevNET Live program is designed to help entrepreneurial beverage companies of all sizes explore potential strategies for growth while building community. Speakers address the problems and challenges associated with moving across channels of trade, building established organizations, and consider capital structures that can fuel long-term success. Thought leaders like investors, retailers, distributors, suppliers, marketers and entrepreneurs join in moderated conversations and case studies designed to provide executable ideas for innovative beverage companies that are trying to reach their next level, while also sharing and enjoying networking in a highly collegial environment.