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Learn Branding Strategies, Talk to Angel Investors at Beverage School

Ian McLean

Beverage School attendees will get branding and design advice from one of the most accomplished designers in the business – and will also hear from angel investors about how to get the funds to support their products – during the Sept. 12 event in San Francisco.

Designer Ian McLean, the founder and creative director of McLean Design, Inc. will be speaking on the elements of a strong brand, as well as the best ways for beverage industry newcomers to position a beverage through powerful and effective branding and packaging to win the battle at the shelf. McLean is associated with some of the best-known brands and companies in the beverage world, having helped shape the beverage industry with breakthrough work for iconic brands such as Monster, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, DrinkGNC, and many others.

Additionally, accomplished investors Brad Winegar and Brad Barnhorn will each discuss ways to win over investors and determine the best strategies for identifying potential capital sources, as well as recognizing the value-added potential that experienced investors and institutions can bring to a company.

Winegar, an angel investor who is currently a Managing Director with Salt Creek Capital, is also an active member and investor with the Keiretsu Forum, a network of angel investors who constantly evaluate potential early-stage companies. Last year, Winegar and other Keiretsu investors conducted due diligence on and invested in Bucha Live Kombucha. He will be speaking on what kinds of pitches attract angel investors and their methodology for evaluating beverage companies.

Barnhorn, a veteran entrepreneur, investor and advisor to beverage companies, will also speak on his priorities for investing in beverage companies, but will also expand that discussion to include the ways that investors can fit in as advisors, board members, and resources for emerging beverage companies. A longtime BevNET Live and Beverage School speaker, as well as the founder of Fantasia Juice Co., he has experience with helping beverage companies navigate short term, long term, and institutional investments and is a frequent board member and advisor. Barnhorn also serves as an industry advisor to Silverwood Partners.

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