Sept 11, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
Launch Your Food or Beverage Company the Right Way
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What exactly is FBU LA?

Food & Beverage University (FBU) is an entry-level crash course to the CPG food and beverage industries. Over 20 experts and industry veterans will address the dos and don’ts surrounding a variety of topics that early stage entrepreneurs face in their first few years of business. Topics covered will include initial formulation and packaging design, identifying the different retail channels and routes to market, understanding the existing distribution models to deliver your product to stores, positioning your company for different types of investment, and how to best utilize available sales and marketing tools.

Who attends FBU LA?

Entrepreneurs entering the food and beverage space come from a variety of backgrounds. While previous experience in business is certainly a boon, understanding the intricacies specific to the food and beverage industry is vital to successfully getting a brand off the ground. The content presented at FBU LA is targeted for everyone from those in pre-production through brands in the first couple years of managing their businesses, as well as new hires at more established brands.

As many entrepreneurs know (or will soon realize), many service and supplier companies exist only to serve the large-scale production needs of established brands. At FBU LA, the consultants, sales brokers, investors, and various suppliers who attend are willing and able to work with new start-up brands, to help fulfill their needs with smaller production runs and initial sales efforts.

Why attend FBU LA?

Attendees will learn first-hand from presentations and also have the unique opportunity to directly engage with new industry contacts. Network with speakers, fellow entrepreneurs, and service & supplier companies who work specifically with start-up businesses. Making these connections early on is an incredibly valuable opportunity that can go a long way as your company continues to develop.

How does FBU LA work?

Through case studies, panels, and discussions, as well as networking with peers and from those who have tackled the issues of growth before, attendees emerge able to use the knowledge and connections gained to help successfully launch and grow your brand. Networking breaks are worked in throughout the day’s schedule, and brands have an opportunity to gain feedback on their products by making them available at the FBU LA Sampling Station.

Special discounts on registration are available to members. For more information on this, please contact Jon Landis at (617) 231-8834 or