BevNET Live: Vita Coco President Michael Kirban to Speak on June 6

Coming off a year in which both Vita Coco in particular and Coconut Water in general have seen massivegrowth, it is apparent that the category is fast moving into an established space in the beverage cooler. As the first entrepreneur to speak at this year’s BevNET Live in Manhattan, Vita Coco President Michael Kirban will take some time to reflect on the challenges a growing brand must face as it begins to achieve liftoff with distributors, retailers, and consumers.

Just 18 months ago, Kirban presented Vita Coco to BevNET Live’s Winter Conference in Santa Monica as an early-stage company trying to establish itself firmly in a few geographic regions. Now Vita Coco is a nationally-distributed product with strong branding and a devoted following. The adjustments made in that period reflect a mix of decisions – those made with strategic objectives in mind and those made as the result of circumstance; during his presentation Kirban will reflect on some of those decisions and how they allowed Vita Coco to become one of the most exciting growth stories in the beverage business today.

BevNET Live will take place on June 6 and 7 in the Sheraton Tower Hotel in Manhattan. Discounted hotel rooms at the Sheraton Tower are also available. Registration questions can be directed to Jeff Hyde – 617-715-9673 /