BevNET Live: ZICO CEO Mark Rampolla to Speak on “White Space”

In the search for “white space” in the beverage category, sometimes it pays to look in the shadows of giants. That’s what Mark Rampolla decided to do when launching a new brand of coconut water, one that actually set out after Gatorade as a natural isotonic.

During BevNET Live as part of the June 7 program, Rampolla, the founder and CEO of ZICO, will discuss how he analyzed the market when searching for a way to launch a new coconut water brand at a time when the category was largely unfamiliar domestically. Rampolla will also discuss the issues that can arise for entrepreneurs as they attempt to dig deep into a category with a new product while also keeping it flexible enough to adapt and change with consumer demand.

Rampolla will be speaking in a series with other “white space” entrepreneurs, including Bryan Reese of Bolthouse Farms and Julie Smolyansky of Lifeway, as part of the morning case studies program on the second day of BevNET Live. The event takes place on June 6 and 7 at the Sheraton Tower Hotel in Manhattan.

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