Polar Beverages’ Gerry Martin Will Help You Hone Your Pitch

Attendees of the upcoming Beverage School portion of BevNET Live will have the opportunity to learn how to pitch a beverage distributor — from the man who “green-lights” new products at one of the country’s largest independent distribution shops.

Gerry Martin, the V.P. of Marketing at Polar Beverages in Worcester, Mass., oversees a non-alcoholic distribution fleet that covers nearly the entire Northeast United States. But he does so as one of the chief backers of entrepreneurial brands in the country, having worked with Sweet Leaf Tea, Snapple, HyDrive, Owater, Drank, Nantucket Nectars, Celsius, Izze and Fiji Water, among others.

Martin, a veteran of past BevNET Live events, will be addressing the BevNET Live audience during a special June 6 Beverage School session in an effort to help instruct brand owners on what they need to explain to distributors to make an impression: to do so, he says, they need to have covered the bases on a product’s focus, market, and brand appeal. He’ll speak about the best materials and data to bring in to paint the picture for the distributor — and how to pitch the next gatekeeper, the retailer, as well.

Beverage School sessions are held throughout the two-day event part of the slate of instructional and strategic full-group and breakout sessions available to all attendees of BevNET Live Summer 11.

Don’t delay in registering for BevNET Live Summer 11 — the early registration signup ends March 31. Discounted hotel rooms at the Sheraton Tower are also available. Registration questions can be directed to Jeff Hyde – 617-715-9673 / jhyde@bevnet.com