“Conscious Summit” with Guayaki, Sambazon at BevNET Live

Two of the industry’s fastest-growing – and most socially conscious – beverage brands show how good business and good works can thrive together.

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They’ll tell you that to grow as a brand, you have to abandon your principles.

But Sambazon and other brands have thrived by sticking to their environmental and social justice principals – while also using those principles as a means to attract investment, rather than discourage it.
During their presentation “Build a Conscious Brand – and Attract Investment Anyway” Sambazon co-founders Ryan and Jeremy Black will explore the ways in which Sambazon has been able to grow and expand while selling its conscious philosophy – and not selling it out. This presentation will be followed by panel with Ryan and Jeremy Black, Brent Knudsen, the managing partner of Partnership Capital Growth Advisors; Gillian Christie, Christie Communications; David Karr, founder and CEO of Guayaki Yerba Mate and Greg Steltenpohl, President, Adina Beverages.

In addition to appearing on the panel with the Sambazon group, Karr will do double duty, joining the previously-announced “Getting Converts” panel to discuss the way he took Yerba Mate, a product unfamiliar to most domestic consumers, and turned it into one of the fastest-growing natural beverages in the country. Appearing alongside ZICO founder Marc Rampolla, Karr’s insights on creating a devoted following for an entirely new kind of beverage will be of great value to entrepreneurs across the beverage spectrum.

Please join your fellow attendees of BevNET Live to hear the founders of a pair of the beverage industry’s most popular – and most socially conscious – brands will share their advice on the ways beverage brands can pay attention to the larger world while also growing their bottom line.

About BevNET Live: BevNET Live is being held on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. During the full-day event, attendees will hear from and discuss the beverage industry with some of the most innovative marketers, suppliers, investors, distributors and retailers in the business. Run by BevNET.com, the leading online and print resource for non-alcoholic beverages, BevNET Live offers unmatched insight, case studies, and networking and community-building opportunities. A special Beverage School will also be held at the same location on Dec. 7 as a way for early-stage entrepreneurs to learn the beverage business from BevNET and its special team of instructors.