Panel: Shifting on the Fly

Everyone makes mistakes, and BevNET Live has added an exciting new panel to help attendees deal with the fallout from those mistakes.

The panel, “Shifting on the Fly” will feature veteran brand marketers and consultants who have all managed to make significant changes to products and brand strategies while those products are already in stores.

Anchored by two top-notch beverage consultants — Jim Tonkin, founder of Healthy Brand Builders, and Janet DiGiovanna, co-founder of DASH Advisors — as well as veteran beverage marketers Greg Steltenpohl (founder of Adina Beverage Co. and Odwalla Juices) and Eric Schnell and Steve Kessler (co-founders of Steaz), “Shifting on the Fly” will serve as a complement to a presentation by Schnell and Kessler on working with retail partners to create effective product modifications for mutual benefit.

The beverage business is not a sprint for instant success, but those who manage to make a name for themselves over the long haul are the ones who are able to make nimble adjustments during the race; this panel will help attendees recognize how to make opportunities out of even the most daunting challenges.