Update Beverage School Agenda; Bill Sipper Added

Bill Sipper, the founding partner of Cascadia Consulting Group and a veteran of several outstanding beverage companies, including Clearly Canadian, Nantucket Nectars, Naked Juice and Keeper Springs, will be a lead instructor at the first Beverage School this Dec. 7 at the Loews’ Beach Hotel Santa Monica.

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With a deep background in the fundamentals of sales, marketing and business implementation – as well as his willingness to question established organizational practice – Sipper has helped to improve the performance of a broad variety of beverage companies over the years. He will join Jeffrey Klineman, the editor of Beverage Spectrum Magazine and BevNET, in guiding discussion between the expert presenters and attendees during the Beverage School course of study.

“Bill’s going to have a tough job,” Klineman said. “I’m expecting him to be guy who keeps all our presenters on their toes, because he’s been through it all. In many ways, what we’re trying to impart to our attendees, he’s picked up through the one thing we can’t teach: experience.”

The agenda for Beverage School has been posted online, and fewer than 10 seats remain. The event will take place the day before BevNET Live, and is intended to be a comprehensive introduction to the beverage industry for those who are involved in the creation of entrepreneurial beverages.

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