Bill Anderson, BevNET Live’s Featured Investor

Bill Anderson, the Chairman and CEO of First Beverage Group, has made a pair of big moves in the months leading up to BevNET Live. Anderson, who will be speaking as the BevNET Live featured investor on December 7 as part of the two-day event in Santa Monica, last week helped the Rising Beverage Company, which makes Activate, close a deal with the Tata Beverage Group and other investors for $6 million in cash and another $15 million in additional financing. Additionally, First Beverage Group recently placed an investment in the boutique soda maker Thomas Kemper, landing the company a board seat.

Over the past two years, Anderson, who grew up working in his family’s beer distributorships, has become increasingly active as an investor and speaker on beverage company financing. While earlier First Beverage had focused largely on the consolidation of distributorships and beverage industry real estate, the company has stated through word and deed that it plans to be a force when it comes to investing in the entrepreneurial beverage market, and started its private equity division, First Beverage Capital, as part of that plan.

Anderson and his partners at First Beverage recently spent a year reviewing more than 200 different business plans from beverage companies. Attendees at BevNET Live will have the opportunity to hear his views on the climate and forms investment will take in the years to come, and more importantly, how First Beverage plans to seek to make those investments in the near future.

Anderson will then appear as part of the BevNET Live investor panel, along with three other expert investors: Brent Knudsen, the managing partner of Partnership Capital Growth Advisers, one of the most active and fastest-growing advisors in the natural and healthy beverage space; Andrew Whitman, the Managing Partner of 2X Consumer Products Growth Partners, which invests in small and medium-sized consumer products companies and Jo Anne H. Miller, a seasoned angel investor who works with Sloseed Ventures and Golden Seeds, a network of angel investors dedicated to investing in early stage companies founded by or led by women (including beverage company DRY Soda).

BevNET Live is scheduled to take place on December 6 and 7 at the Loew’s Santa Monica. Register now by using the link below.