FRS CEO to Present “Keeping it Entrepreneurial, Even as you Grow”

It’s a classic entrepreneur’s dilemma – your strength of spirit and innovative product has gotten you attention, investment and growth, but you’re worried that what you’ve gained might bog down the energy you brought to the enterprise in the first place. On Dec. 6 at BevNET Live in Santa Monica, Carl Sweat, the CEO of FRS, will teach entrepreneurs how to keep that energy even as their companies grow.

Sweat, who has also stepped in to run Fuze after it was bought by the Coca-Cola Co., Inc, as well as helped lead the introduction of Coke Zero, has a history of taking entrepreneurial organizations – as well as entrepreneurial brands within larger organizations – and helping them grow without losing their insurgent spirit.

That is, obviously, tough to do. In this presentation, using examples drawn from his experience, Mr. Sweat will discuss “putting the pedal to the metal” — accelerating the growth and progress of an existing entrepreneurial organization, and how to take a growing organization and partner with a larger entity.

As innovative companies reach their goals of growth and partnership with new organizations, there can be culture clash; Mr. Sweat will also discuss solutions to those issues regarding organizational culture: Keeping smaller company characteristics intact as they develop and grow and adapting – “ironing out” entrepreneurial soul while maintaining consistency across newly partnered organizations.

About Carl Sweat: The President and Chief Executive Officer of the FRS Company, Carl Sweat has also served as Senior Vice President at Starbucks, overseeing the Global Beverage unit. Previously, he spent 22 years at Coca-Cola, North America, most recently as the President and General Manager of FUZE Beverage LLC, where he grew the value of the enterprise and significantly increased profitability. Sweat also held various general management and brand marketing positions, helping to launch Coke Zero and overseeing brand management and marketing for brands such as Coca-Cola Classic and Sprite. He holds a Masters in Brand Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing from The University of Georgia.

About BevNET Live: Held on Dec. 6 and 7 at the Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel, BevNET Live offers presentations, panels and discussions that feature up-to-the-minute analysis of retail categories, investment prospects and distribution strategies, as well as case studies in how successful brands are solving the problems of growth in a competitive environment. Complementing the outstanding content, the networking and beverage sampling opportunities afforded by BevNET Live create an unmatched environment for information exchange and community building in the entrepreneurial and innovative beverage arena.