SUMMER 2020 | JUNE 23 +24
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Evolve Online at Virtually Live

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for brands to grow e-comm and online brand-building capabilities, and BevNET and NOSH Virtually Live, held next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 23 and 24, feature a number of approaches for companies looking to either explore or refine their approach to online commerce channels.

Sessions designed to allow attendees to improve their e-comm game include:

A presentation titled Best Practices for Building a Digital Brand Platform and eCommerce Business that will bring together brand and company leaders from Recess, Multiply, Haus, Sharma Brands and Shopify in a discussion of ways to build and allocate an online toolkit.

Main stage session Buyers, Believers and Adapting Consumer Education, presented by David Lemley of Retail Voodoo, which will show off key ways for brands to develop and maintain their presence in consumers’ lives online. Branding firm Black Bamboo will also delve into both the characteristics that brands must strive to demonstrate as part of their online personas and the capacities they need to demonstrate in terms of product fulfillment in the next two years during Eric Zeitoun’s own main stage session.

All marketing formats will be subject to review as part of recent social and political upheavals will be discussed during a Marketing in the Age of COVID-19, bringing together an experienced panel of sharp marketing minds including 4th & Heart’s Raquel Tavares, Koia’s Maya French and Foodstirs’ Greg Fleishman. Additionally, Liquid Death’s unconventional marketing approaches have largely spread through online channels — and CEO Mike Cessario will reveal some of the innovative brand’s niche marketing secrets in a discussion with BevNET’s Brad Avery.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, CEOs from Ohi, TerraCycle and Otter Products will explore changes in e-comm delivery through innovations in packaging, sustainability and last-mile delivery during a breakout panel discussion.

At a time when disruption has meant accelerated evolution, brands either have to either develop and master their capabilities online, or get out of business altogether; BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live attendees will find themselves better equipped for the former, while avoiding the latter outcome.

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