2007 Natural Products Expo West recap and photos

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Bigger and better than ever, Natural Products Expo West and SupplyExpo took place March 8-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center. More than 47,000 attendees buzzed about 3,162 exhibits on two floors.

With more than 100 different beverage companies present at the show, this was the largest beverage contingent of any show BevNET has covered this year. We spotted over 20 new or re-launched brands at the show, including Adina’s new lineup of RTD coffees. The Adina line-up includes Ethiopian Iced Espresso, Sumatran Iced Vanilla Latte, Mayan Iced Mocha, Indian Iced Chai Latte. See photos of Adina and other brands in our photo gallery (link at bottom of article).@@img1

Several trends were apparent among the new beverages. They included the following:

Kids Beverages
Healthy Beverages specifically designed for children seem to be one of 2007’s hottest trends. Here’s a list of the new kids brands we spotted:
. Nui Kids Water – All natural, juice-sweetened in three flavors: Outrageous Orange, Raging Red, & Purple Power
. Honest Kids- Organic drink pouches available in Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, and Tropical Tango Punch
. Crayons – relaunched in new 8.4 oz. packaging with Sugarguard technology
. Wild Waters – Reformulated line-up of six flavored waters

Alternative Energy
Energy drinks have evolved quite a bit from the caffeine and sugar, 8.4 oz. can variety. We found the following new all-natural varieties at the show:
. Rio Energy – New from Sambazon, containing yerba mate and guarana
. Syzmo – Repackaged and introduced in 12 oz. sleek cans in three flavors (Passion (original), Prickly Pear, Blue Agave)
. Redline – Super-powered nutritional energy drink in three new flavors (Grape, Green Apple, Xtreme)
. Shift – New organic energy beverage from Stonyfield

A host of new tea brands were introduced at the show. They included:
. Honest Tea- Sublime Mate and Pomegranate Red Tea with Goji Berry
. Dr. Weil for Tea – New line-up of five SKUs from Ito En
. Tea’s Tea Latte – Match Latte and Tea Latte from Ito En
. Hansen’s Tea – New value-priced, PET-packaged line-up from Hansen’s includes four flavors
. Tropical Chamomile – New flavor from Tea Scene
. BesTea – New lineup of iced tea flavors from New Attitude Beverage

Will relaxation-oriented, “calming beverages” be the next swing in the functional drink pendulum? We spotted two at the show:
. Malava – A new kava-containing beverage in three varieties
. Dreamerz – A three SKU line-up of sleep-inducing beverages formulated with melatonin and lactium, a protein derived from milk

Other New Products
Other new products introduced at the show included:
. 24c- A flavored, nutritional water from Jones Soda
. Organic Pomegranate – New flavor from Apple & Eve
. Aristo – Three-SKU functional drink line-up
. Gloji – A premium Goji juice in a proprietary glass bottle
. Function Drinks – Relaunched line-up of functional beverages
. Ginger Soother – Twice the ginger, with apple juice
. Mega Beet – New vegetable juice variety from Luvli
. Hemp Bliss – Dairy alternative made from hemp seed from Manitoba Harvest
. Aloe Breeze – Repackaged line-up of four zero-calorie aloe beverages
. Earthly Delights – Line-up of organic juices in 12, 32 and 58 oz. sizes
. Organic Pomegranate Apple – From Rush Beverages
. WholeSoy & Co. — Introduced a line-up of organic fresh fruit and soy cream smoothies in four flavors: Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry and Apricot Mango
. Yoghi- Lassi-style yogurt smoothie
. Go Appétit – savory vegetable-based smoothie meal replacement beverage

Check out these beverages and more in our photo gallery of Expo West 2007, sponsored by Adina World Beat Beverages.

Visit Photo Gallery (note there are multiple pages to the gallery)