BevNET IBQ Magazine Announces Fall 2007 Issue

2007 Media Kit


After the amazing success of the first issue of BevNET IBQ Magazine, we are pleased to announce the second issue, Fall 2007. 

@@img1 Featuring a circulation of over 17,000 USA subscribers, BevNET IBQ is the industry’s ONLY magazine devoted to the art of innovation in new beverages. 97% of our subscribers describe themselves as being product influencers in the development, marketing or sales of beverages at their companies.  This presents an opportunity like never before to reach exactly the decision-makers you need to educate and influence with your marketing message. 

The second quarterly issue of BevNET IBQ is going to press soon and we’ve put together a couple of compelling advertising opportunities designed to maximize your exposure to the purchase influencers who’ve requested the magazine.  To learn more about these advertising opportunities and to reserve your space in the Fall Edition of BevNET IBQ, contact Brad Dixon at 617-715-9682 / or contact John McKenna at 617-715-9677 /


Devoted Drinking
Commandments for building a believable brand – from spreading your creation mythology to putting your apostles on the street.
Mmmmm, Sweetener…
From agave syrup to xylitol, IBQ’s sweetener guide helps you find the sweet spot for your next product
Find Your… Beverage Consultant
What skills can a beverage consultant bring to help your new product become a winner?
Case Study: How we named our drink – from Bombilla Gourd Mate Tea
Case Study: Why we killed Tangerine Dream – from Seth Goldman
Pure indulgence – our execs debate whether, in these functional times, products that are full sugar, full fat, and full fun can survive. Turn here for some no-holds-barred advice from a pair of candid executives.
The Money Men – Fresh off a $12 million investment in Honest Tea, Inventages’ Gunnar Weikert on how innovation can make the difference in a crowded marketplace.
Regulatory Roundup – The American Beverage Association on access to bottled water, and other hot spots where government and the beverage industry intersect
Columns: The Trend Spot, By Piers Fawkes; Marketing Flow, By Darrel Jursa; Ideas Gone Flat, By John Craven; Editor’s Note
Quarterly Innovation Highlights: Highly topical news capsules covering the areas of Marketing, Packaging Design, Formulation, and International Innovations