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Yoga Moms, Good Lifers, Hippies, Crunchies and Granola-Heads – they were all there and they were all selling at last week’s 2008 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif.

The show was a clear demonstration of the sway the natural foods movement has in this part of the country, as it easily dwarfed the East Coast version of the show. Sitting and enjoying a “John Daly” – one of his half-and-half teas mixed with Tito’s vodka, Sweet Leaf Tea founder Clayton Christopher admitted that he’d even been willing to miss his beloved South-by-Southwest Music Festival. With buyers from behemoths like Target and Whole Foods to tiny Midwestern natural food shops in attendance, it was just that important.

face=”Arial”>And there are exciting new outlets for these products, indeed, including the revelation of a Whole Foods “energy set” that will include Hi Ball, Steaz and Sambazon energy drinks, among other potential candidates.

With so many exciting new products and SKUs on display, it only makes sense to list them all. 

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  • Adagio – is launching Oolong Tea in April.
  • Apple & Eve – has launched Fizz ed, a pure fruit juice & sparkling water available in Pomegranate Cherry, Orange Mango, Green Apple, and Red Raspberry.
  • Ardea Beverage – makers of Airforce Nutrisoda, will be launching five SKUs in 12 oz. glass bottles in April.
  • Bombilla & Gourd – has a new Superfruit line available in pomegranate lemonade, acai blueberry, yumberry lime, orange mango. They also recently launched a pure tea line including pure oolong tea, green jasmine tea, pure green tea, and pure white tea.
  • Bossa Nova – is launching a new 5 SKU Superfruit Juice line available in Acerola Juice with Mango, Acerola Juice with Red Peach, Goji Berry Juice with Tart Cherry, Mangosteen Juice with Passionfruit, and Mangosteen Juice with Dragonfruit.
  • Bot – has added a Lemon SKU to their kids’ water.
  • Brain Toniq – launched at the show, is a botanically-based, non-caffeinated functional beverage, sweetened with organic agave nectar that is specifically designed to truly increase mental focus and clarity.
  • Cell-nique – this organic super-green and superfruit drink launched last year and is available in Pomegranate, Citrus Vanilla, Tropical Fruits, Apple, and Kukicha Tea; it has a new 13 oz. glass bottle available in April.
  • Crayon’s – is launching a 3 SKU line of kids’ sports drinks and is available in Leaping Lemon-Lime, Playoff Punch, and Breakaway Berry.
  • Cricket Cola – is launching a White Peach Green Tea SKU in April.
  • CurrantC – will be launching a new line of health SKUs including Joint Health, Bone Health, Heart Health, and “90.”
  • Dale and Thomas – known for their gourmet Popcorn, D and T is launching a 3 SKU line of organic lemonades available in Authentic, Strawberry, and Half and Half.
  • Dream Foods International – these makers of Italian Volcano are launching refrigerated Blood Orange, Tangerine, and 100 percent lemon juice.
  • Earthly Delights – an all natural and organic 100 percent juice company has redone their packaging and launched an all-natural pomegranate line and an organic pomegranate line.
  • El Dorado Spring Water – adding two new SKUs to the existing lineup – Peach Mango, Dragon Fruit.
  • Emergen-C – introducing a four-SKU line of enhanced waters based on their Vitamin C-rich formulas.
  • eVamor Artesian water – is a new alkaline water with a pH of 9 that neutralizes acidity and protect the body from free radicals.
  • Evolution – a super-premium refrigerated fruit and vegetable juice manufacturer has added Goji Mojo and Planetary Berry to their existing product line.
  • First Blush – has revamped their packaging along with launching a new Syrah SKU. Look for their new antioxidant super tea (all natural grape juice and white tea) Cabernet White and Chardonnay White SKUs in May.
  • Fuze – is launching Fuze Organic Teas in July 2008. The four SKU line includes Black Tea with Peach, Red Tea with Mango Melon, Green Tea with Acai Berry, and White Tea with Starfruit Berry. Fuze will also launch Fuze Energy in September 2008 with all natural ingredients including natural caffeine. The three SKUs will include Guava, Orange Mango, and Acai Pomegranate.
  • Guru Energy – will be adding a non-carbonated superfruit organic energy SKU to their existing portfolio in the next couple of months.
  • H2Organics – this organic-certified nutrient enhanced water is available in ten SKUs including Energy, Think Thin, Renew, Mellow, Relax, Flexibility, Antioxidant, Focus, Defend, and Hydration.
  • H4O – a new antioxidant water with high doses of dissolved hydrogen from Japan and a neutral pH of 7.7, will be available later this year in the US.
  • Hansen Beverage – Junior Juice, available in 4.23 oz. tetra-paks, has added Berry Medley and Apple Juice to their existing seven SKU organic kid’s juice line. Junior Water, a new organic kid’s water beverage building on the Junior Juice line is launching in April and available in Tropical, Fruit Punch, and Berry in 4.32 oz. tetra-paks. Hansen’s Natural Iced Tea is launching a Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea and a Sugar Free Acai Black Tea. Hansen’s Natural Soda has switched from HFCS to cane sugar.
  • Havana Cola – has a new red tea line, Rooibee Red Tea, launching in April. SKUs include Sweet, Unsweet, Lemon Honey, Peach, Watermelon Mint, Vanilla Chai, Cranberry, and Pomegranate.
  • Honest Tea – has all new 16.9 oz PET lineup introducing Citrus Green Energy Tea, Lemon Black Tea, and Peach White Tea to replace Green Dragon, Lori’s Lemon, and Peech Oo-La-Long and is launching Citrus Spice Decaf, Jasmine Green Energy in 16 oz glass bottles. The “Green” is a play on words for Honest’s purchase of renewable energy credits to offset emissions generated from bottling.
  • Izze – has a new sparkling Peach launching at the end of March.
  • Jana Water – has a new portable 8.45 oz. plastic bottle.
  •  JavaPop – is launching Javaccino – a new line of fair trade coffee lattes available in Mocha, House Blend, and Vanilla.
  • JB’s Iced Tea – a new line of real brewed iced tea available in four flavors: Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, and Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng.
  • Kaboom – is launching their new Wellness line in glass proprietary bottles and will be available in pomegranate_berry and orange_passion.
  • Kombucha Wonder Drink – has redone their packaging and launched 14 oz. bottles along with Original, Cherry Cassis, and Peach Mango in cans.
  • Langer Juice Company – has a new structured water, mérya that is launching now.
  • Lightfull Foods – has launched a Mango Smoothie to complement their existing line.
  • M13 – a new 3 SKU line of herbal and vitamin enhanced functional juices that combine three families of ingredients into the products: Antioxidant superfruits, ancient Chinese herbs, and modern nutritional science. Available in Assistance, Calm/Detox, and Wellbeing and packaged in 7.6oz aluminum brown bottles.
  • Metromint – has launched Cherry Mint water.
  • Naked Juice – is launching Banana Chocolate Protein Zone in May, along with “Bare Breeze,” their answer to the lemonades of the world in two “refreshing” SKUs of Watermelon Chill, and Peach Mangosteen Bliss.
  • New Attitude Beverage – is launching a product called VPOD Water with Powercap technology that releases nutrients into the water.
  • Noble Juice – is launching Tangerine Cranberry, and Blood Orange.
  • NVE Pharmaceuticals – has a new coffee energy shot line appropriately named, “Java Shot” and available in Columbian, Cappuccino Mocha, and Hazelnut.
  • O.N.E. Natural – is launching Coffee Berry Juice, and O.N.E. Cashew Juice.
  • Odwalla – is launching Serious Focus in April to complement their Serious Energy SKU
  • OK Organics – has launched Cool Calm, a soothing and relaxing drink and sweetened with organic agave nectar.
  • Penta Water – has re-entered the market with a new look and feel as an ultra purified, antioxidant water with new studies to validate health claims.
  • Pixie Mate – has a new glass bottle line of Organic Energy Mate teas in Authentic Mate Tea, Lemon Ginger, and Green Tea.
  • PurBlu Beverages – has launched Give Water, a new philanthropic natural spring water that lets drinkers decide which charity they would like to support by selecting any one of the three SKUs. 10 cents per bottle is donated to either Life (children in need), Hope (women with breast cancer), or Love (environment).
  • R.W. Knudsen – is also launching Sensible Sippers, a kid’s low-cal beverage available in 4oz tetrapaks. Flavors include Banana, Fruit Punch, Apple, and Mixed Berry.
  • ReddRox – an all natural hydration and antioxidant beverage, and currently only available to professional athletes, will be launching with mainstream retailers in Spring 2008.
  • Reed’s – is launching Virgil’s cola along with diet cola.
  •  Sambazon – has launched a sparkling energy drink titled Amazon Energy.
  • Santa Cruz Organics –  is launching “Choice Organic Teas” in Lemon, Mango, Peppermint, and Raspberry.
  • Sayan Health – has launched an all-natural wild-harvested Chaga tea line available in Original, Peach, and Raspberry.
  • Simply Orange – is launching in August Orange Mango and Orange Pineapple.
  • Simply Originals – launching a pair of high-antioxidant drinks, Purple Corn from Peru and Flaxseed, packaged in glass bottles.
  • Sweet Leaf Tea – new Mango Green Tea launching in April.
  • Tazo Tea – is launching an organic red apple spice RTD.
  • TH2O – a new performance water and formulated with real fruit, fresh brewed green tea and vitamins and available in Cranberry Mojito, Mangosteen Lemonade, Blueberry acai, and Pomegranate Yuzu.
  • Tradewinds Tea House – has a new line of organic 16oz PET and Gallon SKUs available in Lightly Sweetened Black Tea, Unsweet Black Tea, Lightly Sweetened Green Tea, and Unsweet Green Tea.
  • Vida Tea – officially launched at the show and reformulated with the removal of stevia. A portion of sales are also donated to the Children with Diabetes foundation.
  • Vita Coco – has a new 1 liter bottle for all SKUs.
  • Wyman’s – is launching a wild blueberry black currant juice.
  • Y Water – from AMI Brands, is a new children’s organic, low cal, functional beverage and shaped in the letter Y. Designed as an imagination trigger (the bottle can be connected with other Y Waters) it’s also 100% recyclable and reusable. The brand is available in Immune, Bone, Brain, and Muscle Water.
  • Zevia – has tweaked their flavor profile and has launched Ginger Root Beer sweetened with Stevia.
  • Zola Acai – switching to 12oz PET bottles.

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