NACS 2008 new beverages and booth photos


The 2008 NACS Show took place at McCormick Place in Chicago from October 4-7, showcasing over 100 beverage companies and their brands. Energy Shots and other supplement-drink hybrids accounted for many of the new beverages at the show. Enhanced waters were another well-represented category.

Talking Rain was busy promoting their enhanced activWater at the show. Packaged in the same 19 oz. container as their Twist and Twist Organics line, the product is 100 percent natural and available in six SKUs including “Revive” – Tangerine Ginger, “Resist” – Pomegranate Berry, “Focus” – Dragonfruit, “Vigor” – Triple Berry, “Power” – Strawberry Kiwi and “Balance” – Black Berry. Talking Rain was the sponsor of BevNET’s coverage of NACS 2008.

We spotted the following new and updated products at the show. Also, be sure to visit our photo gallery of NACS 2008.

• All Day Energy: 2 oz. energy shots formulated with all-natural ingredients and targeted toward mature consumers from Wellesse. Comes  in sugar-free and organically sweetened versions.

• AMP Energy: Pepsi sampled Amp Energy Lemonade, Black Energy Tea and Blood Shot; all are scheduled for release in January 2009.

• Belly Washers: In Zone Brands has added Safari Splash, Blueberry Blue, and Red Rhino Rush to their portfolio of kid-oriented products.

• Black Ice Raging Energy Shot: A 2 oz. shot launched by Alpha Pharmaceuticals.

• Bustelo Cool: From Rowland Coffee Roasters, two 8 oz. RTD coffees available in Pilon Extreme and Light.

• Dyna-Pep: energy microshot (less than 1 oz.) from Intocell

• E2 Voltage: A new performance energy and endurance drink available in Fruit Punch, Lemonade, and Orange; manufactured by Body Well Nutrition.

• Ephrine Plus and Peptime Energy: Now available in 0.4 oz. packets.

• Essential Aloe Juice: line-up of 8.3 oz. can of whole leaf aloe juice from Essential Beverage House. Comes in Mixfruits, Kiwi, Mango, Pomegranate, Grape, Original with Honey, and Cherry flavors.

• Go Fast Energy: introduces 16 oz. cans and its new flavors, Z-17, Light and GFTea.

• Guava Rush & Drinkin’ Mate: effervescent tablets containing guava leaf extract from Amerilab Technologies.

• H.A.R.D. Nutrition: line-up of RTD beverages in PET bottles with caps that contain dietary supplement cocktails from DC Nutrition.

• H7: 32 oz. PET sugar-free hydrating drinks containing whole leaf aloe. Available in Orange, Lemon Lime, Cool Blue and Wild Cherry.

• Health Cola: Now available in a 12 oz. slim can, Health Cola is sweetened with organic agave.

• Hydropower: Launched by Goya Foods, the low-sugar functional waters are available in Stunner, Tycoon, and Swagger.

• iCafe: line-up of three 8.1 oz. cans of coffee from Country Pure Foods. Comes in Iced Coffee, Iced Mocha and Iced French Vanilla flavors.

• Jana Water: Added a glass 330ml bottle to its packaging lineup.

• Jones Soda: Launched nationally Red Apple Soda and Blueberry Grape in its Pure Cane Sugar CSD portfolio. 24C is now available in Strawberry Lemonade, Red Grapefruit and Kiwi-Dragonfruit.

• Kidz Zazz: nutritional stick packs from the makers of ZizZazz. Comes in Berry Berry, Kiwi Strawberry, Green Apple, and Cherry.

• Lean Body On the Go: 14 oz. ready-to-drink protein shake from Labrada Nutrition.

• Malava Novocaine: new extension of the kava-containing line of anti-stress drinks, Novocaine is five times the strength of the original Malava Relax

• Met-Rx: Launched two new brands including Amped Up Energy Shots, available in Power Punch and Blue Raspberry along with Amplified Shooter, a 2.9 oz. vial available in Grape, Fruit Punch and Orange.

• Nu South Lemonade: From United Beverage Group, the brand has new packaging and is available in Lemonade, Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry, Peach, Cranberry and Lemonade Iced Tea.

• Ole Energy Drink: Manufactured by Sudden Impact Partners, the 12oz can contains a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs.

• Purple Stuff: 3 oz. calming elixir from Funktional Beverages in classic grape flavor.

• Redneck Punch: 16 oz. energy drinks in cans from Double Blue Jay Corp. Comes in Peach Tea, Cherry Cola, Root Beer, Green Apple and Grape.

• Rx Energy Quick Shot: A green tea-based 2 oz. bottle launched by Arizona Beverages.

• S-250 Sports Water System: Enhanced water with 250 percent RDA of vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, and B12. Available in 6 flavors including Endurance – Cranberry+Raspberry+Acai, Strength – Orange, Speed – Tropical Citrus, Recovery – Blueberry+Pomegranate+Lime, Diet Cranberry+Grapefruit, Diet Peach+Citrus.

• Sex Drive Energy Drink: Launched Drive SF – a sugar-free version, along with Get The Drive – a vitamin enhanced energy beverage.

• Shotz Nutrition: Will be launching a Pomegranate flavor to its existing shot lineup which currently includes Orange Rush, Grape Blast, Lemonade Lightning, Watermelon Rush and Team Realtree Camo Fruit Punch.

• Sparkletts:  Naturally flavored water in 4 SKUs including Raspberry Chill, Cool Lemon, Strawberry Splash, and Pomegranate Breeze, manufactured by DC Waters of America.

• Sport Energy Drink: Will be launching Sport Shots in the near future.

• Sport Wave: vitamin powered water for active kids from Sportables LLC. Comes in Cherry Slam, Berry Bash, and Orange Blast.

• STP Stamina to Perform: 2 oz. all-natural libido enhancement shots from NR-GIZE. Comes in male and female passion punch varieties.

• VBlast!: eight SKU enhanced water where the vitamins are stored in the cap until it is twisted. Launched by New York Spring Water, the company also released AquaHimalayan Mineral Enhanced Water.

• Vitamin+Fiber Water: From Sugar Bowl Bakery, the brand has been reformulated along with new packaging and relaunched with more than 7 grams of fiber in 6 SKUs including Guava Groove, Pure Tranquility, OrangeUHappy, Mellow Mango, Pomehydrate, Lychee Luv, Peach Ecstasy.

• VPX Sports: Has launched three new product lines including Meltdown, Muscle Power, and Bang – a new liquid creatine water.

• Wake-Up Call: new pain reliever/alertness tablets from Bayer’s popular Alka-Seltzer line.

• Xing Tea: glass bottle version of the RTD Tea for on-premise accounts from Cott Beverages.

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