2008 Nightclub and Bar Show Gallery and Recap

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The 2008 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, aka “The Show”, took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Feb. 26 and 27. Much more than just a beverage event, exhibits included everything from serving and drinking equipment to confetti and smoke machines, high-tech lighting and sound electronics, video games, pool tables, ID systems, ATMs, and drink chiller technology. The majority of the attendees were club/bar owners, restaurant and industry management, as well as distributors looking for new beverages to stock.

Since the show focused primarily on the lucrative on-premise market, liquor and spirits companies accounted for the majority of exhibitors on the trade floor, but as in the past the largest number of non-alcoholic beverage brands included energy drinks – some with very large and flashy booths. Energy drink brand exhibitors included 5 Hour Energy, Banzai Energy, Fuel Cell, Go Girl, Jetset Energy, Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience, Liquid Ice, Monster, Radioactive Energy, Red Devil, Red Bull, Rip It, Roaring Lion, Rockstar, SoBe, and XL Energy. Monster had their infamous dunk tank along with plenty of cases of BFC, Mixxd, and the  new Java Monster SKUs to party long into the night.

There were some new energy brands at the show including ones with risqué names such as Sex Drive Energy Drink and Deep Throat Energy Drink. Sum Poosie Cat Energy Drink showcased new glass bottles to complement their 16 oz. can offering. Playboy Energy Drink was certainly, uh, well-endowed with a massive RV, DJ booth, and former Playmates signing autographs. The brand is touring across the country promoting its two SKUs.

Other brands that launched at the show included 420 Hemp Energy, Faded Energy, and Herbal Jumpstart Energy. Turbo Energy, a BIB product, utilized pure cane sugar as the sweetner for their regular SKU. Go Girl from Nor Cal Beverages launched Go Girl GLO, and Jetset débuted their new diet flavor. Shark USA mixed it up with their revamped M150 glass energy shot. With all the booze flowing freely, it was no surprise that Alcohol Killer, a product intended to fight hangovers, was down to their final case on Wednesday afternoon when we spoke with them. Private-label energy drink manufacturers were also exhibiting, including X Brand Fluids.

High-end mixers, sparkling juices, and CSDs, including Dry Soda, Izze, Lorina, Monin, Mixerz, Modmix, Purple, Reed’s, Stirrings, and Synergy Beverages showed their nightclub-worthiness, each creating colorful concoctions to please the eye and the palate.

VENGA Functional Infusions, a new line of imported Swiss tea-based beverages from Beverage Innovations also launched at the show. Flavors included Brainstorm, Calorie Burn, Daily Dose, Energize, Health & Zen, and Rehydrate.

There were also several bottled waters at the show including Bling Beverages, Le Bleu, and OGO. Please check out our photo gallery for a better look at the people and companies that were in attendance.

View the Nightclub and Bar Show photo gallery here: | Gallery 1 |