Video: Visit with Ex Drinks

by John Craven
On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I had a chance to stop by Ex Drinks, a self-described marketer of “beneficial beverages.” Ex Drinks sells products across several categories including energy, relaxation, enhanced water, and bottled water; the company operates as the licensee of a UK-based brand owner, the Extreme Sports Company.

License owners Otho and Deborah Behr are a husband-and-wife team. Otho’s family started and sold the Behr Process Corp., the makers of the well-known Behr line of paints; as a result, he says, “we don’t have to work, but we love to work.”

So, what do you do when you don’t need to work, but you decide to anyway?

If you are Otho and Deborah Behr, you first make sure that you have passion about what you are doing. It’s pretty obvious that they do: their office has an area to sleep and a full kitchen.

For Ex Drinks, this passion manifests itself in a variety of ways, according to the Behrs. First, they say, it means creating products that are executed at the highest level – they have no reason to compromise. What’s interesting for this team is that, while they are a licensee of the Ex Drinks brand, they are striving to createg products that are better than those that the actual owner of the brand has created in the past.

The owners have also indicated that they are interested in improving their community; their company mission is “Create positive change.” While their mission is by no means philanthropic, they say they believe that by supporting organizations like the Tony Hawk Foundation, which builds skate parks in underprivileged communities, and by making “good for you products,” can create something that leaves a more lasting impression than other marketing strategies might. That kind of positive emphasis, the Behrs say, is what they hope will be the path to creating a growing, and lasting company.

In the video, the Ex Drinks team talks about how they got into the business, having passion for the things they do, and how the brand is faring in attempts to gain distributions and sales, as well as concerns about recent FDA actions regarding so-called “functional beverages.”