A Year in the Life of Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee

Los Angeles, Ca – (February 21, 2011) When Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee made its Southern California debut at Universal Studios during Wolfgang Puck’s American Wine and Food Festival in 2009, some 2,500 food and beverage aficionados were able to taste it, giving it glowing reviews. In the LA area it can now be found in Whole Foods, Gelsons Markets, Bristol Farms, Henry’s Farmers Markets, Jon’s Markets and Wolfgang Puck Express Cafes including LAX.  It is also in a number of CVS stores…the most recent being the one on the USC Campus which serves the student population that favors the product.  Besides Southern California the product is now in Las Vegas and beginning this month, in New York specialty food stores.

The idea came from Houston businessman Craig Lieberman, whose background is in consumer packaged goods.  He approached Puck knowing of him as a legendary chef and then learning he is also a coffee aficionado currently developing a coffee farm in Ethiopia with his wife Gelila.

“My idea was to create the best ready to pour iced coffee ever,” says Lieberman. “Wolfgang liked the idea and off we went.”  The development of Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee was a true collaboration between Lieberman, Puck, his equally famous pastry chef Sherry Yard and a smattering of scientific flavor testers. There were numerous taste tests and to everyone’s delight, four flavors were agreed upon: Café au Lait, Vanilla Fusion, Crème Caramel and Double Blend Mocha.

Other attributes that differentiate Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee are:  It is certified organic, kosher, has only 120 calories and is produced through a cold brewed process which reduces tannins and alleviates the bitter taste often associated with hot brewed coffee.

The article in the Huffington Post by Southern California food writer Jay Weston (who also has his own popular food newsletter) introduced the product to a wide audience.  Recently it was poured at high-profile venues including the Broad Theater in Santa Monica and the Pasadena Playhouse.   March 11 – 13, Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee will make its first national trade debut at the Natural Products Expo West 2011 at the

Anaheim Convention Center.

“It’s been a great year for us,” says Lieberman.  “The Huffington Post article was quite a coup and we are gaining ground, receiving inquires on a daily basis. We have a great product with some unique components…qualities the customer truly appreciates.  The calorie count, the taste, the fact that it is certified organic, kosher and carries the Wolfgang Puck name…how can you beat that?”

Look for Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee to expand further in the near future. For more information about the product, please visit the website at www.wolfgangpuckicedcoffee.com or visit www.wolfgangpuck.com.  You may also contact Stephen Golding, Director of Communications @ 713-334-2121.