New Dream Dust Sleep Aid Appeals to Consumers and Retailers with Natural Ingredients, Low Retail Price

Vitila Brands, a New York-based developer of alternative beverages has announced the release of Dream Dust™, a drug-free natural sleep aid sold in a two ounce liquid dose that is wholesale priced at $.69 per unit.

Dream Dust is currently available in every major airport outlet of the Hudson News chain, thousands of independent retail stores and is targeted to the 70 million Americans that report sleeping problems and frequently use over-the-counter pills and prescription medications.

The unique, drug-free formulation of Dream Dust™ eliminates the groggy side effects of common sleep aids and is competitively priced with national brand two-pill packs that force users to take an unnecessary pain reliever with each dose.

According to Serge Karnegie, President of Vitila Brands, “Dream Dust has been designed to appeal to a massive market of consumers that struggle with chronic or occasional sleep problems and are keenly interested in new products that are formulated with natural ingredients. Karnegie’s background is in wholesale beverage development and distribution and Dream Dust™ reflects a significant market research effort to match sustainable consumer trend with optimized pricing that leads to quality profit for distributors and resellers.

“Our market analysis indicates that a good majority of Americans are affected by anxiety, sleep disorders and life distractions that prevent them from regularly getting an excellent night’s sleep.  Dream Dust™ is a safe and natural alternative to expensive national-brand products and delivers effective results at a consumer-friendly price that is designed to generate repeat business.”

Dream Dust’s US-manufactured formula is free of drugs, calories, sugar and carbohydrates and is based on a proprietary composition that was created by one of the nation’s leading natural beverage designers.  The product is offered in multiple multi-dose configurations with attractive POS packaging.

Vitila Brands LLC – 888-484-8452