Nuun & Co. Release Five New Flavors

Seattle, WA, March 2011 – Nuun, the pioneers of the portable, electrolyte hydration and a company dedicated to improving performance and health through hydration, announced recently 5 new flavors -Strawberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Tropical, Sweet Tea, Grape. Nuun has been actively promoting hydration since 2004.

These easy to use tabs, come in six flavors, contain no sugar, 7cal per 16oz drink, and come 12 servings per tube. Which at $6.50 retail equals a $.50 cent sports enchantment drink in your own bottle. Nuun’s unique combination of electrolytes (calcium, magnesium and potassium) promote proper hydration, helping your body to perform its very best. Available this April in retailers across the country: Fruit Punch: a fruit medley with a Nuun twist. Subtle berry and fruit notes hydrate with that clean Nuun finish Strawberry Lemonade: ideal for hydrating under that hot sun, strawberry lemonade finds the perfect balance between a sweet straberry and ice-cold lemonade – minus the sugary mess Tropical: an orchestra of mango, pineapple and coconut flavors flirt with the palate while hydrating the body Grape: the Nuun interpretation of grape – subtle and smooth. Crisp like white grapes and packed with electrolytes. Lemon Tea: The satisfying palate of tea, mixed with the just right amount of lemon and sweet. A refreshing alternative to high calorie drinks, it’s chock full of balanced electrolytes and nice little zing of caffeine.

Nuun was recently named as one of Inc. Magazine’s America’s fastest growing private companies and according to Leisure Trends holds a top sellers position in the energy drinks category for run, cycle, and outdoor specialty.