Powders Power SupplySide West (and Photo Gallery)

Powdered drink formulations dominated the recent SupplySide West tradeshow, held October 11-14 in Las Vegas. Though often overshadowed by their RTD counterparts, manufacturers believe that powdered beverages – sometimes called “pre-beverages” – can offer distinct advantages when it comes to delivering novel ingredients. Accordingly they have long been a popular medium for suppliers seeking to showcase ingredients in custom beverages, particularly so at SupplySide West, which has its roots as a show for suppliers to the dietary supplement industry.

The following are a few of the powdered beverages and powdered beverage manufacturers BevNET noted during the show:

  • Fortitech showcased its new “all-in-one” beverage formulation capability in the form of powdered stick packs. Affixed to a promotional card headed by the slogan “Rethink The Drink”, Fortitech’s powder stick contained a “Strawberry Essential” formula designed to showcase the company’s new focus on formulating complete beverages, as opposed to the nutrient premixes which had previously represented the extent of their offerings.
  • Cargill sampled two powder packs, one a prototype sport drink and the other a branded product  for joint health. The sport drink featured Cargill’s branded stevia sweetener Truvia and also contained its Flake Select Sodium Reduction System. The branded product was Joint Juice’s Blueberry Acai mix, which contains Cargill’s branded glucosamine, Regenasure.
  • Ocean Spray introduced its new cranberry extract powder at SupplySide. The bulk ingredient delivers more than 1.5 percent bioactive proanthocyanidins (PACs), a level desirable for potential protection against urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Pharmachem  also featured a cranberry extract called Cran-Max, a proprietary cranberry concentrate which provides a minimum of 7.2 percent (PAC) content per 500 mg.
  • Innovative Food Processors (IFP Inc.) served samples of their Cross Fitness Nutrition blend. The prototype mix features the company’s XFT blend of proteins and complex carbs designed for sustained energy.

The 2011 show marked the 15th anniversary of SupplySide West. The 2012 SupplySide West will add a third day to its exhibit schedule as well as additional exhibit space. The 2012 show is scheduled for November 5-9 again in Las Vegas.

Check out our Photo Gallery from SupplySide West 2011.