Aquation Xylitol Water Available in Whole Foods South Region

November 26, 2012– Aquation Xylitol Water is now available in 20+ Whole Foods Market stores and 4 Natural Foods Warehouse stores in the South region.  These stores are located in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. KeHE Distributors is distributing Aquation Xylitol Water to Whole Foods and Natural Foods Warehouse.

We are honored to be sold in the Whole Foods South region”, stated Andrew Coulton, Founder and President of Aquation. “Whole Foods is the perfect retailer for Aquation. Their customers are highly educated, are willing to pay a little more for a quality product with real benefits, and care about oral health and the important role oral health plays in achieving overall health”.

Aquation’s proprietary formula contains purified spring water, xylitol, electrolytes and calcium for a great tasting and healthy bottled water alternative. It has a healthy pH level 0f 7.5+ at the time of bottling. This pH incorporates well into alkaline diets and other wellness programs.

Aquation Water is enhanced with Sweet Tree Xylitol from American Birch Trees because it has a 90% lower carbon footprint than corncob xylitol, is derived from sustainably harvested trees and is non-GMO.

About Aquation:

An innovative beverage company based in Nashville, Tennessee, Aquation is the first bottled water company to add xylitol, electrolytes, and calcium to purified water. Andrew Coulton started Aquation in 2011 and has built distribution in 125+ key accounts throughout the South region. Aquation is recommended by several high-profile dental professionals, including Dr. Chris Kammer and Dr. Ellie Phillips. For more information visit us at and like us on Facebook at