BevNET TV: NACS 2012 – A First Look at Red Bull’s New Flavors

As reported by BevNET yesterday, Red Bull North America launched its “Red Bull Edition”  line, a three SKU set of new cranberry, lime and blueberry flavors dubbed Red Edition, Silver Edition and Blue Edition at the 2012 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show. The line – which has been available in overseas markets for several months – is the second line extension for the energy drink brand in the past six months, following the release of Red Bull Total Zero in April. The new flavors will be available for sale in the U.S. beginning in March 2013. In this video, filmed inside Red Bull’s massive booth at the NACS show, we take a first look at the line, and BevNET CEO John Craven offers his take on Red Bull’s first foray into flavors.