“Enterade – S” Released, Hydrates During Exercise and Stress

Nov. 13, 2012 – Enterade USA, a Florida-based firm focused on health, nutrition and wellness, has rolled out Enterade – S, a dietary supplement based on amino acids for hydration during exercise and stress. The zero carb, zero caffeine drink is totally natural and tastes like coconut water, and contains less than ten calories per bottle, claims the company

The dietary supplement was developed based on the discovery of Enterade scientists that the normal glucose mediated sodium absorption process functions sub-optimally, when the body encounters stress. Scientists of the company have found during experiments that alternate pathways for sodium absorption and rehydration start operating at the cellular level that are mediated by amino acids.

Enterade – S is a mixture of such amino acids that drive the rehydration process during cellular stress along with electrolytes needed to hydrate the body. Co-founder and CEO Hari Thrivikramji said: “This is the only product in the market that can hydrate when the body’s normal hydrating mechanism driven by glucose gets compromised under stress.”Enterade – S is sold as 8oz bottles and is available to purchase online from www.enterade.com or by telephone at 1-855-ENTERADE.