Mix1 Announces New 90 Calorie Lean Performance Chocolate & Vanilla Nutritional Shakes

Making mix1 the only all natural 90 calorie chocolate and vanilla flavored nutritional shakes on the market.

Boulder, Colorado – April 30, 2012 — mix1® Beverage Company, marketer of All Natural Nutritional Shakes welcomes two new flavors to the family, mix1 90-calorie Lean Performance Chocolate and Vanilla.

Now you can enjoy the great taste of mix1 Chocolate and Vanilla All Natural Nutritional Shake for only 90 calories, complete with a balanced macronutrient mix of 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and natural antioxidant power.

mix1’s macronutrients play an integral role in active healthy lifestyles. Loaded with protein and fiber to satiate appetite, plus natural antioxidant power, the shakes are a perfect choice as a healthy meal replacement, snack on-the-go or at work,. Or try a mix1 pre or post workout. Complete with carbohydrates to fuel up before, and protein and antioxidants to aid recovery after. mix1 Lean Performance Chocolate and Vanilla are light, healthy, 90-calorie all natural nutritional shakes that are ready to drink anytime, anywhere.

“Launched just last year, mix1’s Chocolate All Natural Nutritional Shake has become a #1 selling item and we expected the new 90 calorie Lean Performance Chocolate and Vanilla will quickly follow suit. With the popularity of chocolate and vanilla flavors in the protein beverage category, we are happy to bring mix1 fans 90 calorie versions of their favorite flavors,” stated Brian Murphy, mix1 CEO. Just like the originals, the 90 calorie Lean Performance shakes are free of gluten and 99% lactose free, making them easy to digest and suitable even for many with dairy intolerance.
The mix1 90-Calorie Lean Performance Chocolate and Vanilla flavors will be available in 11 fl oz grab and go tetra pak singles, plus 4 and 12 packs at select retailers. Locate mix1 retailers at www.mix1life.com/store-locator.
About mix1:
mix1® aims to change people’s lives by supporting active lifestyles and promoting overall health through all natural products that deliver truly functional nutrition. mix1 all natural nutritional shakes with added vitamins & minerals and 90-calorie mix1 lean performance shakes are perfect on-the-go as a healthy snack/meal replacement or pre /post workout with a balanced macronutrient mix of protein, antioxidants and fiber that helps people perform at their personal best throughout the day. mix1 shakes are available in a variety of flavors, find a retailer at mix1life.com.