Zingiwell Turmeric Beverage Scores Wegmans Authorization

Ridgewood, NJ, December 18, 2012 – Zingiwell Turmeric Beverage made it to the final round of BevNET.com’s New Beverage Showdown 4, surpassing 14 other brands to make it to the finals.  Although the brand did not win 1st place, they scored another victory by being authorized at Wegmans Grocery Stores.  Wegmans, one of the most prestigious grocery chains in North America, has 81 stores located in MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA and VA.

“We are very excited to be sold in Wegmans”, stated Yudith Suhandinata, co-founder of Zingiwell.

Zingiwell is a line of Turmeric beverages, made using imported Indonesian Java (from the island, not the coffee) Turmeric that is Simply Healthy and Simply delicious. “We would like to take credit for inventing our beverage, but we cannot,” stated co-founder Pitt Tioanda. “Our mother gave us turmeric to drink whenever we had an ailment back in Indonesia.  If we had a belly ache she gave us turmeric.  If we were bloated she gave us turmeric.  If we were tired or run down she gave us turmeric. And if we had inflammation she gave us turmeric.”

Zingiwell is the most healthalicious beverage!  People have been eating and drinking turmeric, of which Java Turmeric is the most potent, since the ancient days of Asia and specifically Southeast Asia where the best turmeric is cultivated.  In Southeast Asia, Turmeric is considered to be an antioxidant rich super herb with healing, medicinal, anti inflammatory, immunity boosting and energetic properties.

Zingiwell is available in three flavors, Original, Lemon, and Mixed Fruits, as well as a highly concentrated shot and is being distributed by United Natural Foods, Nature’s Best, and Haddon House. The suggested retail price is $3.99 per healthalicious bottle.

About Zingiwell

Sharing a family tradition with the world. Zingiwell is a non-traditional herbal drinks company that provides healthy drinks solutions. It is dedicated to helping people achieve total body wellness with herbal remedies that are delicious to drink.

The cofounders of Zingiwell grew up with Java Turmeric as a common remedy providing better digestion, healthy skin, illness prevention, and an energy boost. As they shared it with family and friends, they began to realize what they took for granted could help many people.

In 2010 they founded Zingiwell in San Marino, California. Coined from “Zingiberaceae”, the scientific name for the Ginger family, and “wellness”, Zingiwell strives to improve people’s health by offering innovative beverages that support energetic and active lifestyles.

For more information about Zingiwell please go to our website at http://zingiwell.com/ , or like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Zingiwell.

Zingiwell is represented worldwide by Cascadia Managing Brands.

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