Angels Aphroenergy Launches January 2013

Premium Functional Beverage with Aphrodisiac and Energy Enhancements

LAS VEGAS – ANGELS APHROENERGY is a new aphrodisiac and energy elixir designed to increase sexual arousal and performance through a proprietary blend of ingredients.  Coming to market in January 2013, this new premium beverage fills the need in a new emerging category, providing desired results with a refreshing and elegant taste profile.

The low-calorie and low-sugar nutraceutical beverage features ingredients specifically noted for their ability to elevate stimulation, sensitivity, sensation and stamina.  Horny Goat Weed helps to improve erectile dysfunction in men, and enhance libido in both men and women.  Yohimbine and L-Arginine are natural stimulants found to assist with blood flow, while Ginseng and Guarana enhance the production of endorphins and help maintain stamina and endurance. Damiana leaf is commonly used as a female aphrodisiac known to increase libido and Ginkgo Biloba is recognized for its positive effect on brain function, enhancing memory and mental alertness while reducing mental fatigue.

ANGELS APHROENERGY is lightly carbonated with a soft aroma and flavor of strawberry.  The functional beverage appeals to both sexes and is designed to be consumed on its own or mixed into cocktails, making it an ideal elixir for nights out on the town or an intimate experience at home.

Now available for purchase online at, ANGELS APHROENERGY will soon be available at select retailers as well as restaurant, nightlife and hospitality destinations across the country.

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