Back on the East Coast, Sweat Lands at In Zone

Carl Sweat

Much-maligned in his former job as the CEO of FRS, Carl Sweat has been welcomed with open arms at kids’ beverage outfit In Zone Brands, which recently hired Sweat as its Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer.

Sweat, who has over 25 years of experience in the beverage industry and held senior leadership roles at Starbucks and the Coca-Cola Co., will handle “strategic leadership and execution of In Zone’s branding, marketing, innovation and sales efforts,” according to a statement from In Zone.

Sweat’s new role brings him back to Atlanta after three rocky years with N. Calif-based FRS. Criticized for a number of bold, but ultimately unsuccessful, sales strategies and multi-million dollar marketing expenses, Sweat left the company in January in what was called “a mutual separation.”

At In Zone, which markets TummyTickler and Bellywashers beverage brands, Sweat is expected to extend the company’s foray into health and wellness drinks. In Zone recently launched its first organic apple juice as part of its TummyTickler Tots line, and company CEO Jim Scott noted that Sweat will be “instrumental in fueling our growth and product innovation.”

“Carl’s exceptional background combines marketing, general management leadership and health and wellness beverage experience, and he has the insight to help shape the future for In Zone,” Scott said.

For his part, Sweat expressed a high level of enthusiasm for his new job, and stated a desire to build off of the strength of In Zone’s retailer partnerships and growing shifts toward consumption of healthy beverages to “further accelerate the company’s amazing growth trajectory.”

“We now have the opportunity to position our branding and innovation to become a trusted partner with parents in bringing healthy fun and nutrition education to kids,” Sweat said.