Beverage School: Aligning Color and Flavor

Kate Ratliff, Technical Director, Flavorman

It’s fair to say that a grape-flavored beverage with an orange-colored liquid is a strange combination. However, the question of aligning color with flavor becomes slightly more muddled when considering the brightness of a carrot juice, or a clear-colored cola.

In this video, Kate Ratliff, the technical director at Flavorman, a beverage formulation company, discusses important factors that beverage companies should consider when deciding on the color of the liquid in their products.

“There is a direct correlation between consumers’ perception of a beverage and the taste,” Ratliff said.

Ratliff noted that while the color of a liquid doesn’t always stand in the way of consumer acceptance (e.g. the beer-like appearance of a Red Bull or Monster Energy), in most cases, colors that don’t correspond to a stated flavor may have a hard time gaining traction in the marketplace.

Watch as Ratliff discusses more on beverage colors as it applies to natural products and the branding of a product. And for much more on beverage formulation as well as a range of other topics about the industry, visit, BevNET’s on-demand video learning site (subscription required).

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