Coca-Cola Encourages Second Screen Interaction With Super Bowl Ad

Out with the polar bears, in with the showgirls.

On Tuesday, Coca-Cola launched an interactive campaign centered around its Super Bowl ad, which features cowboys, badlanders (a biker gang), and a bus full of showgirls in the middle of the desert. The three groups race toward a bottle of Coke, only to realize that it was actually a sign pointing toward Coke 50 miles away. Through social media, Coca-Cola is inviting viewers to support their favorite group in the quest for Coke. The winner, designated by fan votes, will be shown in an ad after the game’s final whistle.

The campaign is Coke’s latest attempt to engage consumers with so-called “second screen” marketing, which encourages interaction through tablets and smartphones. A 30-second ad during the Super Bowl costs around $4 million, and along with its TV spot, Coke is aiming to ensure consumer participation before, during and after the game.

“The second screen is a huge deal for us,” said Stuart Kronauge, general manager of sparkling beverages for Coca-Cola Co. “It doesn’t matter where consumers are, be it TV, mobile or tablet–we need to be there.