Honest Tea: Honest Fizz Headed for Whole Foods

The new CSD will be a Whole Foods exclusive for a while, natch.

According to an Honest Tea Twitter account, it is releasing the four-flavor line in “Austin, SA, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and beyond.”

The flavors for Honest Fizz, which will be available in 12 oz. cans and 6-packs, include Root Beer, Lemon “Limey”, Orange Pop, and (perhaps in tribute to Yale School of Management-based co-founder Barry Nalebuff?) cherry-flavored “Professor Fizz.”

The product is zero-calorie, certified organic, naturally-sweetened with Stevia (and according to Beverage Digest, Erythritol as well).

Early sightings of the product were at Expo East in Baltimore, although at the time it wasn’t yet clear that it had been green-lighted.