Mix1 Readying Relaunch

Nearly four months after purchasing the assets of Mix1 from The Hershey’s Co., the new owners of the brand are readying a relaunch. In a statement, Mix1, now headed by longtime entrepreneur Cameron Robb, today announced that it has reformulated the line of high-protein meal replacement shakes, introduced new packaging and commenced manufacturing of Mix1.

The new formulation of Mix1, which comes “after extensive market research,”  features a significant increase in the protein content of the drinks — which now contain 24 g of protein, up from 15 g —  “while proportionately reducing the calories, carbs and sugar content,” according to the statement.

Although the company has not announced details on when or where the new products will hit the market, Robb said that Mix1 has initiated sales discussions with potential buyers.

“We are so excited to begin the sales cycle of the new formulas, with product samples in hand and new packaging our sales people are already getting a great response,”  Mix1 CEO Cameron Robb said.

Hershey’s, which had been the majority owner of Mix1, shut down the brand in December 2012 shortly after announcing a redesign of its packaging and a new sales and marketing effort for the convenience and grocery channels. Though Hershey’s had from 2011 to 2012 invested a combined $12 million in Mix1, the natural brand had struggled to establish itself among competing protein drinks, particularly Muscle Milk, and dealt with a F.D.A.-initiated recall of 18,000 cases of its 11 oz. PET bottles last year.