Morning Dew: Mountain Dew Goes for the A.M.

When they find the time to look at the beverage industry, the mainstream media does a pretty good job of reaching out to us, their kissin’ b-to-b cousins, about new products, trends, ads and marketing campaigns.

For some reason, the release of a new Mountain Dew variety — Mountain Dew Kickstart — really had them in a tizzy. The details include a 5 percent juice component, artificial sweeteners (unspecified as of yet) to keep calories down to 80 per 16 oz. tall can, and a small boost in added caffeine to take the whole can up to about 92 mg — about 20 more mg than an equivalent amount of regular Dew.

Now, as we told the L.A. Times, we don’t know if there’s someone crunching numbers at PepsiCo who has been able to perceive a marketable group of consumers who are so concerned about recent bad press for energy drinks that they would be more likely to grab a caffeine-augmented Mountain Dew over, say, a Monster Khaos, but they make more money than we do so there’s a chance they’ve located an audience.

Still, we’ve seen Gatorade A.M., we’ve seen Jamba Energy, we even grew up in the 80s when there was a jingle for “Coke in the morning” that remains burned into our hypothalamus even more prominently than the Miami Vice soundtrack. Big companies are always making a grab for the morning need state. They have a very low batting average in that regard. Maybe Citrus Orange or Fruit Punch are the lure the morning consumer has been waiting for.

Still, I put it to you, comment section: Which new morning-oriented product do you think has a better chance of succeeding? Mountain Dew A.M., or Starbuck’s Iced Coffee? Which does the retailer like better? Which, do you think, will mix better with vodka? (Yes, we know the last one is a toughie…)

We searched and searched the internet for some kind of record of the Coke in the Morning jingle, but seeing as it existed during a time when you made a mixtape by racing to the radio with your tape recorder, we couldn’t find one. Still, 20 years later, Coke took another stab at it, here: The Morning Routine.

A promotion to become one of the first 1,000 consumers to get their hands on Kickstart filled up soon after launching. But you can get it on Feb. 25 when it goes nationwide. So look out.