Neuro Tweaks Line, Hits Target

Second-generation functional beverage line Neuro continued its assault on the national chain store accounts of the world this week with the announcement that it has cracked the shelves at Target stores. 

“We are understandably thrilled to be working with one of the world’s premier retailers and having neuro available at all of their locations nationwide,” Paul Nadel, Neuro’s president, told BevNET via e-mail. “Our relationship with Target is strong and their support of neuro has been tremendous and extremely gratifying.”

Nadel suggested that we pick up a few bottles of Neuro the next time we’re at Target.

We’d do it, but we made it clear that we’d noticed we’d have rotten luck if we were looking for Neuro’s Sun variety — that vitamin D-heavy SKU having been pulled in favor of the more broadly aimed (and broadly named, for that matter) Neuro Daily.

Although Daily has the same 1000 units of vitamin D as Sun, it also contains more C, E, Zinc and Selenium, according to Nadel.

“Neuro Daily is more than a new tasting Sun, it is more like a Neuro Sun plus,” he said. “Sun was formulated because a large portion of the population is Vitamin D deficient but consumers are looking for a more holistic approach to staying healthy.”

Ever eagle-eyed, we told Nadel that we’d noticed some tweaks to the front of the package — namely that the brand now includes flavor descriptions along with functions. So, for example, Daily has “tangerine citrus” on a strip across the bottom third, while Trim sports “summer raspberry.”

Nadel was impressed, telling BevNET “You are quite observant.” We’re blushing.

Consumer response again played a hand, he told us: “Since Neuro is truly first about function and efficacy, we initially wanted to focus more on each SKUs particular function and not the great tasting flavor,” he said. “However, consumers told us that they would also like to see the flavor called out on the front of the bottle so that is what we have done. The reaction has been extremely positive and was the right move for us at the right time.”

It’s not the first time Neuro has shown a willingness to tweak the line: other changes have resulted in the change from Neuro Gasm to the tamer Neuro Passion, for example.