Next 10 Energy Expands Distribution, Introduces New Flavor

Portland, Ore. – Northwest Neuro Enterprises, LLC, manufacturer of Next 10 Energy announced today that it has expanded distribution through a new partnership with Unified Grocers.  Unified Grocers is the largest retailer-owned distributor in the western United States.  Next10 Energy represents a new category of energy beverage termed ‘Smart Energy’, which emphasizes the healthier aspects of functional beverages.  Next10 was created by a neurological surgeon to provide optimal cognitive performance without the side effects of excess caffeine and B vitamins.

“Next10 Energy continues to resonate with consumers looking for a healthier alternative.  With our unique design and taste profile, we have enjoyed the rapid sales growth of Next10 Energy and continue to educate the public on healthier energy drink options like Next10 Energy,” states Warren Roberts, MD, President of Northwest Neuro Enterprises, LLC.

About Northwest Neuro Enterprises, LLC

Northwest Neuro Enterprises, LLC, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded by a neurological surgeon to address the need for a healthier energy drink for consumers.  This concept has helped establish Next10 Energy as the preferred choice for individuals looking to boost energy, well-being, and cognitive performance without the associated side effects and complications of excessive caffeine and additives.

Next10 Energy’s latest flavor release, Watermelon, further raises the bar for energy beverages and  promises to deliver exceptional performance and taste for consumers.