The Aya-Cola Moves to Booze

Sergio Zyman, the Aya-Cola

The Aya-Cola has joined the board of liquor marketer Castle Brands.

Sergio Zyman, the former chief marketing officer of The Coca-Cola Company and the chairman and founder of Zyman Marketing Group, was appointed to Castle’s board of directors, it was announced Thursday in a release.

Zyman is entrenched deeply in the late 20th century period of Coke’s history, including its disastrous New Coke experiment. He helped launch and develop the footprints of Diet Coke and Cherry Coke, and oversaw Coke’s annual sales volume increase from 9 to 15 billion cases, the best growth period in the company’s history, according to the release. Zyman has also written a few books, such as The End of Marketing as We Know It and Renovate Before You Innovate.

Castle develops and markets several high-profile booze brands, such as Gosling’s Rum and Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon.

“His knowledge and experience in the realm of beverage marketing make him a valuable asset for Castle Brands Inc.,” said Mark Andrews, chairman of the board.

Zyman, a native of Mexico City, attended graduate schools in London, Paris and Jerusalem and graduated from the Harvard University Advanced Management program. He’s recently spent time establishing his own marketing group, which helps a wide range of businesses with consulting services, market research and consumer insights.